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To Bid or Not to Bid

To Bid or Not to Bid …

In my training I mention that most beginner freight brokers should avoid shipper contracts. Instead they should negotiate each load, one at a time. Loads with this method are called “spot” loads and brokers negotiate “spot” rates.

Why do I discourage shipper contracts for new brokers?

It’s simple – as a new freight broker, you may be signing you life away to whatever whims the shipper desires. You may not be able to perform, and equally, bad, you may become liable for cargo damage.

How would you like to be wiped out on just one load that goes awry?

And, tell me – how many new freight brokers have an attorney on staff to negotiate these contracts?

We discuss these issues and more in my comprehensive freight broker training and it all begins with having the right “mindset”.

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But bidding season is coming up where shippers are seeking bids on a number of loads if you are in brokering or trucking.

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It will help you prepare a proper mindset for this business. In fact, the principles can be applied to any business in any industry.

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