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About John

Hi, my name is John and I’m the President and sole owner of Atex Freight Broker Training, Inc. and a certified public accountant by profession (not active). I’ve got a good number of years’ experience in working with business start-ups, including preparing comprehensive business plans, cash flow projections and conducting marketing studies and implementing them with good success.

Currently, I am providing detailed and comprehensive freight broker training. The training is based in large part on my previous freight brokerages, Atex Logistics, Inc. and Atex Freight Brokers, Inc.

I spent nearly four months researching the freight broker industry prior to entering into my freight broker business. I met face-to-face with about 20 freight brokers and a smaller number of shippers and truck drivers. The information gathered formed the basis for my written business plan – a sample copy of which is included in your training (with certain modifications).

I now have over twenty years’ experience training others (1) via the telephone and Internet (now Zoom), (2) live here in El Paso or with (3) the Home Study with my nuts & bolts Freight Broker Training Program for individuals wanting to work as fully self-employed brokers.

The bottom line: you benefit from my previous experience with small business start-ups, from my previous freight broker experience as well as my many years of training.

The training program has been an over whelming success and so well-received that I have been doing this full time. It’s been exciting (to say the least) working with clients and I can feel their excitement as well.

I spend many hours either on the Internet or telephone seeking new and relevant information from truckers, brokers, shippers, attorneys and other industry sources.

The training manual including the handouts and videos have undergone constant and comprehensive updating over the years. You always get recent content.

Depending on which program you select, you can learn how to broker freight in the convenience of your home or office, or here in El Paso – or even on the road!

If you have any questions, please call me at 888-526-ATEX (2839), Or …

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Call me ESPECIALLY if you are confused about some issues in starting or working a freight brokerage. There IS some confusion out there and we wouldn’t want it to keep you away from building your empire regardless of how large or small you desire.

John US Army 1966-1968

US Army 1966-1968

John freight broker training  2003-2023

Freight Broker Training 2003-2023