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introduction to freight brokering

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From Trucking to Brokering

Here is a fact:

Many in trucking work directly with freight brokers. They use freight brokers to get loads. Strangely, many of these truckers have no idea of how a broker goes about doing business. They are focused on “trucking” not “brokering”. This is understandable – to some extent. For sure, many owner operators work hand-in-hand with brokers and, yet, may be unaware of another great opportunity.

What many of these truckers may or may not understand is that they can get their own broker authority and go directly to shippers for loads. Essentially, these carriers cut out the middle man and put that money in THEIR pocket.

It’s relatively simple to actually become a freight broker; it’s more of a problem to make the transition from trucking to brokers – UNLESS, you have a blueprint to help navigate this process. This report will provide a better understanding on this process.

Add another profit center to your trucking business – 11 page report – Only $2.99.

Here is what you will learn:

  • How a freight broker works – from the perspective of a freight broker,
  • Some of the BIGGEST benefits you can expect, working as a freight broker,
  • The one absolute requirement you need to understand,
  • How a freight brokerage differs from a trucking operation,
  • Why shippers may be more inclined to work with you as a freight broker,
  • How to get started with your broker authority,
  • At least five registrations you will need,
  • What to watch out for while doing your registrations,
  • Two items you DON’T need as a freight broker,
  • How freight brokers get customers,
  • What about invoicing and collections,
  • Avoiding two pitfalls that could sink your operation,
  • What to expect from customers,
  • What customers will expect from YOU,
  • Understanding the difficulties in working with other carriers,
  • Review some training options that help you cut through the mustard,
  • Plus more …