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Success Starts with Creating the Right Mindset!

And, unless you are willing to consider some of the gems in this eBook, my training may be worthless!

That’s right – unless you fully understand that my training and materials can help you achieve the goals YOU desire – they are worthless.

I could have the absolute BEST training in the UNIVERSE (and I believe this), but it’s worth nothing if you don’t get the connection between having the right mindset and my training as being the solution to YOUR success.

This means you’ll have to do a little (or lot) of research.

I try and make it easy for you in several ways:

  • You have access to my free ebook, “Introduction to Freight Brokering”,
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I don’t get many wanna-bees, and when I do, I discourage them. There’s no sense in them wasting their time and money and I nicely but bluntly tell them.

I had one caller years ago practically beg me to say that he could make $100,000 the first year – he was a “hard worker”, he said.

I WANTED to say, “Pay me $5,000 and I’ll tell you anything you want to hear”. But I just told him that $100K the first year is not impossiblebut it’s highly unlikely. (But this is a good goal to shoot for). And if you have shippers waiting for you – go for it!

I’m extremely fortunate – I really do get the BEST clients in the world.

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In my opinion, no company has ever succeeded – let me repeat – NO company has ever succeeded without addressing some of the issues in my ebook like …

  • Why do some succeed and others fail?
  • What are my weaknesses?
  • Why you need to know more than just how to broker freight,
  • Why being “good” may not be just good enough
    … and so on.

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