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Atex Freight Broker Home Study Course

For confident or those budget-minded individuals who are eager to get started and train at their own pace.


Freight Broker Home Study Course

Freight Broker Training Home Study Course with THREE MONTHS of email Q&A Support – $1,295.00


New, revised and expanded training materials for those seeking self-employment in the freight broker business.

New and powerful topics, issues and regulations that YOU need to know about. There is a lot of confusion in this industry for getting started and for maintaining your business. Not to worry! This home study course will simplify things and clarify a lot of the uncertainties.

In this course, you’ll learn how to operate as a freight broker in several weeks or at your own pace. Yet, you will never stop learning. Save yourself time and frustration as you apply these step-by-step procedures. This program, sent in eBook format, will include a detailed, comprehensive, step-by-step, multi-part training manual, about 40 handouts, over 25 video presentations, and THREE MONTHS of email Q&A support.

Let me explain these “handouts” a little more:

  • You will have a 4-page, Broker-Carrier agreement that has been time-tested. This handout alone is probably worth $1,000, or so.

  • You will also have Load Manager spreadsheets where you will record every load. You find a lot of information on these spreadsheets that is put together in a very compact manner.
  • You will be recording profit margins for each load, for each shipper and for the entire year, cumulatively.
  • You will have some great information on setting up a database for your shippers and carriers where you will collect important information.
  • You will have templates to modify for your set-up packages that you will send to your shippers and carriers.
  • And, there are other handouts that serve as templates for your use.
  • You are looking at saving about 5 to 15 hours of your time by having these helpful resources.

You will receive an email with a link to download the entire program in about 20 minutes after your order is processed. If I’m in training, you will receive the email promptly thereafter.

IMPORTANT: No refunds for materials or training are offered. Process your full payment here below or call John at 888-526-2839. You must have a PC computer; the training manual is not MAC compatible.

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