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Snap Shot & Quick Start

For those who are *on the run* and want a snap shot or quick start, short and sweet

Print This Out and Refer to It As You Consider Freight Broker Training

Here are the main players in this industry:

  • Small Owner Operators,

  • Medium-sized trucking firms including occasional large motor carriers with a large fleet,

  • Small to medium-sized shippers who use freight brokers,

  • Occasionally large shippers who need to place spot loads,

  • YOU, the freight broker, employing your match-making skills.

Here is what you will need for the office set up:

  • A good computer with a high-speed internet connection,

  • Preferably two telephone lines (one could be either a cell phone or internet telephone),

  • A good fax machine (could be land based or Internet fax),

  • Can be home based,

  • Proper business education and the drive and determination to succeed.

Here are some of the major skill sets you will need:

  • Working the phones,

  • Working with all sorts of people over the phone,

  • Basic computer experience,

  • Internet research,

  • Ability to work fast, skillfully and accurately,

  • Well organized,

  • Basic math,

  • Negotiations,

  • Attention to detail,

  • Customer service,

  • Knowledge of some core business fundamentals,

  • Basic bookkeeping knowledge,

  • Perseverance,

  • Patience,

  • Being a go-getter.

For your broker authority and getting started you will need:

  • Evidence of a $75K surety bond or trust fund,

  • Yes, there are other ways to get your authority if you have poor credit or no $75K,

  • A separate business entity,

  • Internet research,

  • Motor Carrier number ($300 one-time charge),

  • Process Agent Permit (BOC-3) (about $39 one-time charge),

  • Uniform Carriers registration (UCR) – (about $80 annual charge),

  • Total of about $1,400, or so, to get started (if you do quarterly pymts on the trust fund),

  • Cushion of $$$ ?? to pay trucks on time or knowledge of using factors,

  • Ability to enter into contracts.

Work load and time commitment:

  • Beginning brokers should work at least a 40 hour week but can work less (you’re the boss),

  • Can work a 60 hour week, especially during produce season – it’s your call,

  • Yes, you can work it part time but your progress will be that much slower,

  • There are usually early morning obligations, tapering off in the late afternoon,

  • Not a good evening or night job,

  • Difficult to work as a second job but not impossible,

  • Can work from a smart phone if you are out of the office,

  • Can employ independent contractor to make calls, maybe 10 hours, or so, per week.

What you DO NOT need:

  • You do NOT need a background check,

  • You do NOT need trucking experience or knowledge,

  • You do NOT need formal education,

  • You do NOT need to spend a lot of money for freight broker training,

  • You do NOT need to spend lot of money to get started,

  • You do NOT need a big office or paying rent,

  • You do NOT need employees,

  • But you DO need money to carry your personal living expenses til you get established.

With our Freight Broker or Broker Agent Training, You Have Options. You can:

Here is what you will learn in the FREIGHT BROKER TRAINING:

  • How to set up your business entity,

  • How to get your broker authority,

  • How to calculate rates, use the loading boards, record, monitor and evaluate your activity,

  • How to find customers – and find them where no one else is going,

  • How to take the order,

  • How to pre-qualify trucking companies,

  • How to Book the Load,

  • What to do when negotiating rates with truckers,

  • What to watch out for when working with carriers,

  • Using the Broker-Carrier agreement to your advantage,

  • How to write up a load confirmation,

  • How to handle the accts receivable, accts payable and other paper work,

  • Learn the financial, business and legal issues that impact freight brokers.

Here is what you receive with the 1-on-1 telephone/Internet FREIGHT BROKER TRAINING:

  • An electronic eBook training manual that is detailed, comprehensive and step-by-step,

  • About 40 handouts,

  • About 30 video presentations on most of the handouts,

  • A glossary of terms,

  • Numerous links and resources for your exploration,

  • A review of numerous resources to use as tools,

  • 1-on-1 telephone training with sessions 1-2 hours, perhaps 2-3 times per week at your discretion,

  • Several bonuses that are valued over $1,200, one being a 4-page Broker-Carrier Agreement,

Here is how our training will empower you – you will be:

  • Making phone calls or personal visits to prospective customers,

  • Calling on all types of businesses, including manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, produce, plus many more,

  • Calling on all different sizes of companies – large, small and medium-sized,

  • Contracting with motor carriers of all types and sizes – dry vans, flat beds, reefers, large, small, owner operators, etc,

  • Initiating and coordinating all activity and performing as a professional worthy of creating long-term business relationships,

  • Proving yourself and gaining repeat business that will generate income over and over and over again,

  • Building a long term asset with your client/carrier lists that will increase in value, allowing you to sell the business or pass it on to family,

Here is some financial information:

  • Expect to get 10-15% profit per load (or more) after paying the truck,

  • Expect to get $100-$200 profit per load; this depends upon distance, type of cargo, your negotiating ability, plus other factors,

  • For beginning brokers, major monthly operating expenses will be load boards, telephone and office supplies,

  • Expect monthly overhead to run $300-$500,

  • How many loads can one person handle? Difficult to say but add help as needed.

  • Lastly: the training manual only works on MS PCs – not Macs.

This has been a snap shot and shows you how to get started quickly. For more detail, please read the entire website.

If you have any questions, please call us at 888-526-ATEX (2839), Or

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