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Atex Freight Dispatcher Training

Atex Freight Dispatcher Training

Learn to Maximize Your Freight Dispatch Revenue – Get Started Here, Right Now!

Dear Future Freight Dispatcher:

You may know one or several owner operators and you KNOW they need help. But, you are uncertain about how you can help. You may also be seeking a realistic opportunity, even something home-based. You may have been searching but without much luck.

Right here, right now you may have found your solution … let me present the Atex Freight Dispatcher Training program. You can help these guys and gals Owner Operators by finding loads for them so they can concentrate on driving!

With our simple 7-part program …

You Will Learn That Freight Dispatching May Not Be That Difficult or Complicated to Get Started In!

Before we get in too deeply with dispatching, let me mention that dispatching often goes hand-in-hand with the hotshot business. So dispatchers may be working with either semi trucks or hotshots. To learn more about my freight hotshot training, go HERE.

In this brief overview, I’m going to take you through an outline of my system where you will learn about starting and operating a PROFITABLE freight dispatcher business. My program is not a general introduction – it is a detailed and comprehensive solution to ALL the hurdles you may be facing.

Your three biggest challenges in this venture are:

  1. Learning where to find owner operators who badly need your help,
  2. Learning exactly how you can help them – essentially, you will get loads for them and schedule pick-ups and deliveries – but there is much more to this, and lastly,
  3. Learning how to maximize your income potential.<

Your solution to these challenges is with our comprehensive freight dispatcher training.

If this is what you are seeking, this may be the most important message you’ll ever have read.

Here’s why:

My name is John Thomas. I’ve been training individuals for 20 years on how to start, run and succeed in their own freight broker business. Dispatcher training is a logical follow-up and most of my clients are owner operators. In fact, I’ve been working for over 20 years in other industries, helping small business owners start their own business.

Train Live in El Paso, TX or via Zoom:

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Unlimited support after formal training and our coverage of transportation laws and legislation are several of the benefits that set us apart from other programs …

A freight dispatcher is a professional who helps coordinate the movement of goods and cargo from one location to another. They are responsible for communicating with owner operators, freight brokers and receivers to ensure that loads are picked up and delivered on time and without problems.

Freight dispatchers must have a strong knowledge of the transportation industry and regulations, as well as the ability to negotiate rates and schedule deliveries. You will learn all this and more with my Atex Freight Dispatch training.

Many freight dispatchers know owner operator truck drivers who need to focus on DRIVING not getting loads and scheduling pick-ups and deliveries. There are no specific educational or certification requirements to become a freight dispatcher, but some there is some confusion as to exactly what a dispatcher needs insofar as getting a broker authority is concerned.

But for now, it’s too good of an opportunity to let this pass by.

You may be working as an independent contractor unless you choose to work with a large company that will hire you as a W-2 employee. Some of these large companies have hundreds of trucks on the road and they REALLY need someone to work with each and every one of them.

Of course, YOU may be working with just several drivers not the entire fleet.

Dispatching often goes hand-in-hand with the hotshot business. You may be working with either semi truck drivers or hotshot drivers. To learn more about my freight hotshot training, go HERE.

Very few trucking companies, if at all any, will provide dispatcher training. They don’t have the time to train only to see some of their trainees go by the wayside.

You will need to understand the skill sets that are required for dispatch work. You may already have some of the skills and in our training we’ll help you identify which ones you may need to focus on.

In our training and even in the free eBook, you will gain a better understanding about how you will work with the different players in this business and some of the industry requirements that your owner operator customers need to meet. The start-up costs for working as a freight dispatcher are minimal and we will focus on the essentials that you need.

However, as mentioned above, you may work off of your kitchen table if you so desire.

Freight dispatchers are typically paid by the owner-operators they work with. In our training, we explain how to maximize your income by becoming more valuable to your owner operator.

It’s important to establish a FULL understanding of your duties and responsibilities. We help simplify this task in our training.

Lastly, within our training options, you may choose to upgrade to get your freight broker authority at any time you feel ready. This is discussed in more detail with a phone call or an email.

So, get on it right now!

Train Live in El Paso, TX or via Zoom:

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Clients like the fact that they just don’t get trained and then dropped …

If you have any questions, please call us at 888-526-ATEX (2839), Or

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