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How Much Do You Need to Know?

How Much Do You Need to Know?

Before you get involved in any project or endeavor, don’t you think you should know just about everything about this new engagement BEFORE you engage it?

I can’t answer that for you except to say that, personally, there’s a whole lot of stuff I get involved with that I have maybe just a smidgen of knowledge. I’m certainly not into it deeply.

Just driving a car, for example: I have NO idea how it runs other than the fact that it needs gas and oil plus some other “stuff”. But HOW does it run? I have very little knowledge.

Here’s another example: I bought into some crypto coins several years ago. One of these coins I invested in is Polygon (MATIC). I had seen how others had given it a good rating.

Fortunately I never felt the need to fully understand Polygon and here’s why: This is what I recently read about Polygon:


“MATIC is the native token for the Polygon Network. It is a Proof of Stake (PoS), layer-2 scaling solution that focuses on reducing scalability complexities within blockchain transactions using Plasma frameworks on the Ethereum chain”.


Did I lose your attention when you got to “layer-2 scaling solution”? That’s where I would have tuned out, I think.
Can you believe this blurb? What in the heck are they talking about? I have NO idea and that’s a fact.

Yet, I put forth enough dinero into Polygon to buy a WHOLE BUNCH of smothered burritos.

Now, on a related note, here’s an interesting fact that one of my trucker clients told me:
he said he had been getting loads from brokers for many years but he did not know how the broker works – how and where do they get loads and exactly what do they do besides sit behind a desk with their feet propped up on top?

He thought these brokers don’t do any work and, yet, they take the biggest chunk of money from shipper. (This story, for sure, is for another day).

However, what are YOUR thoughts about learning how to broker freight and actually doing it?

I’ll tell you right up front that learning to broker freight is hard. It’s not easy. It’s a bunch of details and procedures and they have to be done in sequence.

And you may have 3-4 sequences going on at the same time with phone calls coming and going, faxes or emails coming and going, reviewing your checklist on each sequence, etc.

However, it’s NOT as difficult as “reducing scalability complexities within blockchain transactions using Plasma frameworks on the Ethereum chain”.

And this should bring a huge sigh of relief for most of the readers here.

Now, the learning and doing process of brokering freight CAN BE tamed. You take it one step at a time. The Japanese call it “kaizen” – constant improvement.

This approach will get you through just about anything – maybe even learning how to do “blockchain transactions using Plasma frameworks on the Ethereum chain”.

Maybe, maybe not – I don’t know.

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