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introduction to freight brokering

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Current, critical issues that are discussed during Freight Broker Training

Here is a list

  • Financing options – The truth be told, starting a freight brokerage is still relatively cheap; but if financing is needed, there are options.

  • Why CSA2010 is causing alot of problems – Since this legislation took effect, it has caused a lot of confusion. We simplify it (maybe?).

  • How brokers are impacted by CSA2010 – This legislation is aimed at the trucking industry; but brokers get involved too.

  • What due diligence are freight brokers required to do in carrier selection? – What standards do you need to follow? This needs to be understood.

  • What is CARB and how does it impact brokers? – This new legislation emanates out of California. Yes, brokers have some liability here.

  • Problems replentishing the Highway Trust Fund – Can we keep our trucks moving?

  • What to expect if you hire agents – Want to grow your brokerage faster? Get some tips on what to expect.

  • What agents will expect from you – If you hire agents, do you have a plan?

  • Tax options for single-member LLCs – Sole proprietor or Corporation? Which tax option do you prefer ?

  • Who are TIA, OOIDA and ATA? – We talk to some extent about each organization and what they stand for.

  • Who is AIPBA ? – This may be the best, upcoming resource for small brokers

Due to the complexity on some or most of these issues, the best way to begin to tackle them is with detailed, comprehensive freight broker training.

For a more complete list of many other topics covered in training, go to: List of Freight Broker Training Topics