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Freight Broker Training Topics

Comprehensive, one-on-one telephone & internet instruction OR LIVE right here in El Paso, Texas OR Home Study.

The following is a partial list of the training topics you can expect:

  • Where and how to obtain your broker authority, trust fund, BOC-3 and UCR (I take you “by the hand” over the telephone and Internet or in live sessions to help you complete your applications for these items)

  • Learn the governing agencies overseeing the freight broker industry

  • How to do a “name search”

  • Learn about filing requirements for incorporation

  • Which form of doing business is best suited for you

  • What are the insurance requirements, if any, for freight brokers

  • Discover the seven steps to finding shippers

  • How to get set up with shippers, who to talk to, how to talk to them, how to give them service

  • How to use the loading boards

  • How to work smart with the loading boards

  • Step-by-step procedures on taking the order

  • What about double brokering

  • How to prequalify your motor carriers

  • Giving quotes to shippers

  • Working with fuel surcharges

  • Questions to ask both shippers and motor carriers

  • How to get set up with motor carriers

  • How to book a load with your motor carrier

  • What items you’ll need from your motor carrier

  • Various negotiating strategies

  • What items to watch out for when booking a load

  • How to monitor and track your loads

  • How to establish and maintain control throughout the entire process

  • What to do when things go wrong

  • Working smart when covering a load

  • How to work with confirmations

  • How to market your services

  • Setting up your accounting system

  • Creating your accounting chart of accounts

  • What to do when the load is delivered

  • How to mange the information flow

  • Giving specific instructions to your motor carrier

  • How to select and work with a factor

  • What you need to know about the broker-carrier agreement

  • Understanding the importance of establishing creditworthiness

  • How to prepare and present a business plan to bankers

  • How to prepare cash flow projections

  • Managing accounts receivable and accounts payable

  • Using a written business plan for credit and for operations

  • Using your Load Manager spreadsheets to monitor your loads

  • How to analyze profitability

  • How to analyze shipper performance

  • How to do your own incorporation without using an attorney

  • How to prepare your “set up” packages for both shippers and motor carriers

  • How and why you need to calculate route mileage

  • Working with credit reporting agencies

  • Setting up your filing system

  • Setting up databases for shippers and carriers

  • Where to get free or low-cost business help

  • What you need for your communications

  • How to maintain and increase your business

For the “handouts” you also receive:

  • A sample business plan based in part upon John’s actual freight broker business. This business plan is sent in MSWord format to enable you to go into it, modify it and make it your own.

  • Templates for both a 12 month and 5 year cash flow statements.

  • Load Manager spreadsheets (developed by John) to manage and evaluate your load activity from the time you take the order until the time you receive payment for each load. (With these, you won’t need to buy expensive software).

  • Database templates ready to use for both shippers and motor carriers.

  • Sample motor carrier confirmations.

  • Video presentations on about 20 of these handouts that you can view over and over again.

The biggest benefit of training either one-on-one via the telephone and Internet or live in El Paso, Texas with unlimited support is the fact that you get input for your questions REAL time. Input that is based upon my most recent training activity and input that is based upon YOUR current situation and needs.

The training manual is an “exe” file. All other materials are emailed to you in either MSWord, MSExcel or PDF format. You’ll need a PC computer – a MAC won’t work.

After processing your order, John will call you to set up a flexible training schedule – and you begin, usually with your applications for your broker authority after you have your company registered. It’s that simple.

The Home Study program includes everything listed here along with three-months of email Q&A support. Recently, a low-entry cost Home Study program has been completed that has all the content as the other options.

If you have any questions, please call us at 888-526-ATEX (2839), Or

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