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Your Blueprint for Freight Broker Training

Your Blueprint for Freight Broker Training

You can train via telephone and internet right now – OR you can follow below for live training …

Your blueprint is to:
1. Get trained Live in El Paso toward the end of March, or in April or in May (I’ll be leaving the area again in early June),
2. Start moving loads in 30 days or so,
3. Continue building your databases of shippers and carriers for freight of all kinds,
4. Make a lot of $$$,
5. Continue moving everything under the sun that consumers need,
6. Make more $$$,
7. Rinse and repeat …

Training is first come, first served – call me for availability and information 1-888-526-2839.

Don’t delay in getting started here. Most clients come in for live training while others do distance training.

Keep this in mind – you must have a business registered before doing the application for the DOT/MC numbers. And, there are delays in processing business registrations – perhaps several weeks or so.

The sooner you start your business registration, the sooner we can complete the URS application for your authority.

Note: the preparation of ALL your applications is included in the cost of either live or telephone/internet training.

If you have any questions, please call us at 888-526-ATEX (2839), Or

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