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You’ll Go Flat Line at First

You’ll Go Flat Line at First

Your first number of months or so, working as a freight broker, is like a flat line at first but then it starts to slope up higher and higher as you learn more and grow the business at the same time. So, just envision your business on a track and it’s slowly sloping up. These are the learning and building years.

Then at a certain point, your business really kicks in and the slope continues higher. So, at first YOU are working the business; then at some point, the BUSINESS starts carrying YOU.

The biggest factor in getting the business off the ground is sticking with it and dominating the frustration.

Knowing what steps to take will give you a head start over others that try to wing it. Check out my 5-Steps video here:

>> 5-Steps to Freight Broker Success

In my training, I don’t like to focus on getting a jack rabbit start. It can happen; but most likely, you will experience the flat line at first. This is no different than any other service oriented business.

If you have realistic expectations about building and growing the business, you will avoid burn out and giving up. This is important because you have to manage your frustration and point it in a positive direction.

The reason why so many don’t succeed in this business (and probably any other business) is that they give up too soon. Things just don’t go as planned.

Don’t be a wimp!

Again, my 5-Steps video will lay out the sequence of my training program topics.

>> 5-Steps to Freight Broker Success

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