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Success Strategies to Build Massive Income as a Freight Broker

eBook – $29.00 (Regularly $49.00)

Success Strategies to Build Massive Income

The Real Secrets to Freight Broker Success

eBook – $29.00 (Regularly $49.00). This eBook is in PDF format and
is available for immediate download

Have you been wondering what it takes to succeed as a freight broker? You won’t have to look any further. Grab this eBook now that explains some often overlooked, essential keys to business success


There have been many start-up business owners with all of the best intentions on succeeding. Yet, many of them fail … and they fail miserably. Why is this?

Is it something outside of their control? For example, some business consultants point to the fact that many, if not most, businesses are “under capitalized”. So, to these consultants, it’s the lack of money that leads to failure.

Money IS an essential ingredient to START a business. But, is the lack of it the biggest reason for business failure?

We’ll leave that to others to determine. And let’s explore this issue of business failure a little bit more.

Many successful companies started small. It all started with an idea about a particular passion that consumed these small start-up owners. It could have been an auto mechanic who thrived on making diesel engines run smoothly. And he started by himself and he continued by himself for the most part. He may have gathered a relatively small following of loyal customers because he knew what he was doing and he made a problem go away.

Or it could have been a small group with a passion to develop computer software that addressed the many challenges found in areas such as health care, transportation, financial services, personnel, sporting activities and many others and these computer applications affected the lives of millions.

But there’s one ingredient that set these people and their businesses apart from their competition.

This one ingredient can’t be bought with money.

This one ingredient is the ability for business owners to work ON their business as well as working IN their business.

Too many business owners simply get burned out as they continue to work IN the business usually alone day in and day out for weeks and week and, perhaps, years and years.

Learning to work ON the business gives the business owner a chance to take a step back and get the big picture without losing sight of the details. Working ON the business gives the business owner a chance to establish procedures. These procedures may serve as a blueprint where others may step in to help build or maintain the business.

This trap of always working IN the business can affect new freight broker companies as well. Below, you’ll read some of the questions that new brokers need to be asking and finding the answers for. Once you purchase your copy of Success Strategies to Build Massive Income as a Freight Broker, you’ll discover important issues that many small business owners simply ignore. Take a look now at some of the questions and topics …


Who can become a freight broker’s customer? (pg 3)

How is freight brokering different than other types of brokering? (pg 3)

What two requirements are at odds with each other? (pg 3)

Why you need to know more than just how to broker freight (pg 4)

What are some of the reasons for failure? (pg 4)

What do you want to be doing different from your competitors? (pg 5)

How are different freight brokers motivated? (pg 7)

Why being “good” may not be just good enough (pg 7)

Three skill sets that you must master (pg 8)

What is it that confuses freight brokers the most? (pg 8)

What two things must every freight broker be building (and it’s not shipper and carrier lists)? (pg 10)

What is the essential element that binds everyone together? (pf 11)

How to evaluate your potential customers (pg 12)

What are the two best solutions to avoid collection problems? (pg 12)

Several powerful options for finding shippers (pg 14)

What is the best method to uncover potential customers? (pg 15)

Three keys to building successful relationships with carriers (pg 15)

Three skills and resources to help you function in high gear (pg 16)

Two approaches to take when dealing with customers if you are a new broker (pgs 17, 18)

One important question you want to be asking your customer (pg 19)

Two things to focus on to “get results” (pg 20)

Which business fundamentals do you want to zero in on like a hawk? (pg 21)

What is the most important thing that needs to be done to become a successful freight broker? (pg 22)

What is your income potential? How do you determine it? (pg 23)

What else besides the income can you expect to benefit from? (pg 24)

Plus much more …..

eBook – $29.00 (Regularly $49.00)

This eBook is in PDF format and is available for immediate downloaded



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