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What’s the Most Valuable Commodity That Atex Freight Broker Training Can Help You Save?

You can recover money if you lose it. You can recover cargo if it gets damaged or lost. You can recover sleep if you lose it. You can buy or rent another tractor or trailer if someone crashes them.

The one thing you can NEVER recover is TIME! “Time” is a commodity. Once it’s gone, it’s GONE!

We are here to help you save time. We are here to help you with all the facets of moving YOUR cargo or some one else’s.


There are other benefits you get by letting Atex Freight Broker Training, Inc. help.
You can rely upon us to …

  • help you go where no one else is going when you search for loads,
  • help you prepare to contract with reliable trucks that are safe and prequalified,
  • help you so you can ensure that your customers’ cargo gets moved safely, efficiently and in a timely manner,
  • help you negotiate the best rates between shippers and carriers,
  • help you monitor your carriers’ cargo throughout the movement from point A to point B,
  • help you deal with problems that may arise whether big or small,
  • show you how providing prompt payment to the carrier is to your benefit.

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