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Shipper Load Boards – Part I

Shipper Load Boards – Part I

A number of people have asked me about load boards where shippers post their loads directly to these boards instead of giving them to freight brokers.

Probably most of the mainstream load boards that freight brokers use allow a small percentage of shippers to post their own loads. But what about the load boards that cater only to shippers?

People ask me: Is this a good way to get loads as a freight broker? Here’s what I think …..

Normally freight brokers will make many phone calls to potential customers for months and months – even after getting established.

And it may seem very attractive and even very easy to just go to a load board to get loads if these loads are posted by shippers.

After all, if you have a load board where you can go without having to make all those phone calls – such a deal. Right? Or is it?

It’s a fact that these shipper load boards are also available to truck drivers or their dispatchers who are getting their own loads. So, in effect, the rates on these shipper load boards may be targeting truckers and the question here is – can a freight broker effectively use these shipper load boards?

Will the rates that are posted be enough for a broker to go with them and still make a decent margin after giving them to a trucker?

In my opinion, the rates on these shipper load boards will be too low for a freight broker to get their desired profit.

Another question: can a broker find another path to still use these shipper load boards effectively?

The answer to this will be in Part II of this topic – stay tuned or call me now to discuss this issue.

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