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Shipper Confirmations – Be Careful

Shipper Confirmations – Be Careful

Once you come up with a carrier for the shipper for one or more loads, you should receive a confirmation from the shipper.

However, many shippers won’t send out their confirmation until the next day. This may be a problem if they have special instructions for delivery that need to be given to the driver before dispatch.

So, while you’re speaking with the traffic manager while providing carrier information, ask them if there are any special instructions for the driver.

These special instructions may relate to problems that have evolved out of the covid virus.

Work proactively, communicate, communicate, communicate!

Here’s several other items you want to carefully examine on the confirmation once you do receive it.

First, make sure the rate is what you verbally agreed to. If it is wrong (either way), notify the shipper as soon as possible. Then ask them to fax or mail a revised confirmation.

In addition, take a look at the cargo description, the quantities, the pick-up location and the final consignee.

Two things to note here: I heard one driver say the other day that he does not know what he’s hauling. This is hard for me to believe. He normally receives the bill of lading after loading, and it’s got all the info there. So, ???

Second, some shippers will put a wrong pick-up or delivery address either on their confirmation or the bill of lading – I mean city and state not just street address!

Maybe you told the driver that the load is delivering to Jonesboro, AR and the BOL says Jonesboro, IL. If the driver does not smarten up real quick, he’s headed to Jonesboro, Illinois!

Now, I’ve been to Southern Illinois. It’s beautiful! But maybe Jonesboro, Arkansas is beautiful too. And they’re only about three hours apart.

So what’s the problem, Clyde?!

Answer this question yourself.

You might be surprised at how many shippers, carriers and brokers there are who are NOT detail oriented or proactive.

My opinion is there are far more brokers who really screw things up as compared to shippers or drivers – just my opinion.

If you’re new to brokering, you may be getting loads quicker than you think. Why? The shipper may have been working with another broker who is either sloppy on service or getting too expensive or both.

This is a chance for YOU to get your foot in the door.

When you do – don’t screw up!

The simple solution? – take my training and stay on track. It’s really that simple.

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