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Are you running to the west

Are You Running to the West Looking for the Sunrise?

Having your own Freight Broker business is a realistic and potentially very profitable venture.

What are you waiting for? Some people are running to the West looking for the sunrise. You’ll never see the light of day this way.

How would you like to start your own business without having to fall under the burden of heavy debt as you are trying to get the business off the ground? It can be done.

I’ve had comments from people who think they need anywhere from $50K to $300K to start a brokerage.


You have probably heard about the $75K surety bond/trust fund. Yes, it’s there. But you can get started on your broker authority for $1,400. Bottom line, you don’t have to come up with the entire $75K and your monthly overhead is relatively low.

Yes, you want a cushion to get started so you can pay your trucks on time. A line of credit is the best way to start here. We can discuss this further if you like.

But you are looking at an opportunity here to get started for less than $4,500 with a great income potential.

Furthermore, you can train over the telephone and internet no matter where you are. We’d set up 2 or 3 consecutive days, about 3-4 hours each day. Then we’d finish the formal part with a flexible schedule. And you get Unlimited support after formal training.

Go here below to learn more about my telephone and internet training and start getting loads in about 30 days or less!

>>> I want to start get customers before the year runs out <<<

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