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Why America Has 8.5 Million People Unemployed

Why America Has 8.5 Million People Unemployed

Stop and think about this – there are 8.5 million unemployed people in the U.S. in a universe of 10 million available jobs. What’s going on?

First, are these 8.5 million people actively seeking work? Perhaps many are not for a number of reasons. But, who knows?

Maybe you’ve seen all the “Help Wanted” signs nearly everywhere you go. Maybe you’ve seen these signs as well: “Sorry, Our Hours Are Shortened Due to Lack of Staff”.

The answer to these apparent shortages would require some accurate surveys including a deep understanding of what’s going on in our current economy.

Of course, for many, the pandemic would be a first choice answer for the shortages. For example, many schools and child care centers have closed due to covid. This leaves parents – often single-mom parents – high and dry for getting to work.

In the opinion of many, the FEAR of the virus has caused more damage than the virus itself. After all, the CDC has issued conflicting requirements about how to deal with everyday situations in the public.

According to the National Vital Statistics System, deaths from heart disease and cancer outpace those of covid. The only difference is that heart disease and cancer are often times lifestyle issues whereas covid is contagious.

So the CDC wants everyone to “mask up” and let’s hope that government doesn’t get on a bandwagon to impose restrictions on what people eat and how they work and play. China does this but we aren’t China, thank goodness.

Then there’s the government handouts that may be dearly needed for many but also serve to take away an incentive to go to work.

There’s a resurgence in entrepreneurship as people decide “workin for the man ain’t gonna cut it no more”. Here in Texas the waiting period for filing an LLC application is about five times longer than prepandemic times.

Further, more people are retiring than labor experts projected.

Get this – every day, 10,000 people turn age 65 and many could work and will work but many will bide their time doing who knows what.

Many workers will need to upgrade their skill sets to move into a more automated work environment. Robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and perhaps 5G technology are creating work-place changes in profound ways.

Some people may be unable or unwilling to spend the time, money and effort to keep up to par with what employers need.

Bottom line – there is a greater number of job openings as compared with the number of unemployed. This is especially true for the leisure, education and health industries.

Listen, I could go on and on and on about these issues but let’s begin to wrap it up here.

I’m guessing that if you are reading this that you are in your mid 30s up to your late 50s. I’m guessing that there is a mix of a few more males versus females and that you are connected in some way with the transportation, logistics or supply chain industries.

Further, I’m guessing that a third of you are in your 50s or are headed that way and you are beginning to think about issues related to retirement – at least the idea crosses your mind more often than five years ago.

I’m guessing that many of you in your 50s believe you may not be able to retire comfortably at age 67 or whatever and this is a bit of a concern. So you just keep working and hoping you can stash enough beans away to take care of things later on.

If you’re single it will be more difficult; married with both working have a better chance to plan for retirement.

Now, you’re thinking I’m going to make a pitch for freight broker training. Not!

I’m different and I tell it like it is: not everyone should get into freight brokering. It’s an awesome, home based business. The business concept seems simple but the reality is much more difficult and frustrating than what some may think.

Why is this? What’s the problem? You just go out there and get loads from a manufacturer and then find a truck to move the cargo. No big deal.

Well, there is a number of reasons why all this may be difficult and much of it revolves around the fact that brokering is a service industry and it will take time to build relationships and trust – and these are the foundations of success in many worthwhile service industries.

In addition to this – starting out, it’s generally difficult to find trucks when you want them and where you need them.

Nope, I’m not going to try and push you into becoming a freight broker and I’ll tell you why: my clients come to me because they don’t need a push from me or anyone else. They are attracted and pulled into this type of business for a number of reasons. They are confident they can and will succeed.

All they need are the nuts and bolts so they can connect the dots. And having good support after training is like putting ice cream on top of a piece of chocolate cake.

This is where I come in.

No, I’m not a sales person. I couldn’t sell a penny loaf of bread in a concentration camp.

But, if you’re running toward the east looking for the sunset maybe you need to slam on the brakes and do a U-turn. I wish I had the time to help each one of you who desire to start your own business no matter what industry because helping business start-ups is my passion.

I’d like to help you succeed in your passion but, if it’s outside of freight brokering, I may not be able to help (but I’ve got some ideas and I may give you a hint in a future message).

Lastly, I do need time to sleep and that’s why, for now, I’ll stick with just freight broker training.

I hope you have found this message helpful. Sometimes I ramble on and feel like it may be best to just talk to my dog. She’s a good listener. Anyway, take care and stay healthy …..

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