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Maybe There IS Good Software for You

Maybe There IS Good Software for You

Do you need freight broker software? Well, yes and no.

I used to say No because sometimes you can do dumb things very fast with computers.

What I mean is, wait until you understand what is needed in your brokerage before you expend the time, money and effort to integrate software into your business. Otherwise, you might be going down the wrong rabbit hole and can’t turn around – at least not very easily.

So, yes, you can do things FAST with a computer but the best freight broker software won’t help you find customers. And THIS should be your first priority when starting a brokerage.

In my training, you have spreadsheets to help manage your business. They are powerful because you can enter load activity into them and monitor profit margins not only for each load but for each customer and for any time period you select.
You also have other helpful information and it’s all in a very compact area.

Now, having said this, let me go on to say that there are several factor companies that are offering a deal on some transportation management software (TMS).

And the cost is $79 per month – not too shabby. Is this the new kid on the block?

Has anyone jumped into this offer? If so, give me some feedback.

Lastly, I know I promised a freebie of sorts last week but I STILL have not put that together. I’m busy working on some related things. In fact, I’m getting some help to help me recruit military veterans into training. There’s a 25% discount for the Zoom and Home Study programs for DD214 vets.

Then, I’m making a push to recruit broker agents for training. BUT they must already have a freight broker to work under. Otherwise, it’s hard to find a broker who takes on new agents.

If you are a freight broker or know one, I’ll train agents for you. Using agents is a smart way to grow a freight broker business quickly.

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