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Manufacturing – What’s in Store for the U.S.?


Sources say there are more good things to expect from the manufacturing industry than bad things. There are
several reasons for this.

One big reason: China’s getting too expensive for some U.S. companies that have been outsourcing.

Some are coming back home – “reshoring”. (Somewhere in my website, there’s a video that touches on this.)

You know – deep in the corner of everybody’s mind is a desire to find their calling.

Have you found YOUR calling?

I’ll tell you something, there are no other industries that provide such opportunity and excitement than the manufacturing, freight, transportation and logistics industries. (Oh, if I were young now I knew what I know now.)

Economists are looking at an increase of over 800,000 manufacturing jobs for the next five years. That’s gonna put a whole lot of bacon on many tables plus provide some extras like the latest electronic gadgets for you and the kids.

Or maybe you’re finally going to get that new Ford F-Series pick-up or that Chevy Silverado you’ve been eyeing for some time.

You people down in North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia – look for more activity and opportunity. Will this be the new Song of the South? – “sweet potato pie and all that good stuff …. “.

Even for some of the old rust belt states like Ohio and Michigan – keep a tab on new developments.

One big hitch that is tripping up exports is the strong dollar. A strong dollar makes U.S.-made products expensive for peoples in foreign countries.

Maybe equally important are the high corporate taxes in the U.S. that push some manufacturers elsewhere.

Take for example, Caterpillar located in my hometown of youth. They, as far as I know, are not considering to move their headquarters off shore even though they derive over 50% of their revenues from overseas.

If they wanted to relocate to Ireland or somewhere else over there, they would face lower taxes and lower costs for their shareholders.

Companies have an profound obligation to their shareholders.

Anyway, let’s not get carried away here …..

The point is, things are lookin up. The least expensive option to get into all this is to become a freight broker.

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