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Live in El Paso! Discounted Small Group Training

Two and one-half to three and one-half consecutive days Mon thru Wed or Thurs. Bring a spouse or partner at no extra charge with shared materials. Workshop is limited to maximum of six people (three separate paying parties).

Training will take place January 15-17 or 18, 2018. Make a deposit now to secure your place. Training will take place at The Hyatt Place on I-10 across from the Bassett Mall. Deposit is due by December 28, 2017.

Email if you have questions – info at atexfreightbrokertraining dot com.

Register Now With Your $1,800 Deposit or call in for Full Payment. It’s “First Come, First-Served”.

Remember – Live Training Here in El Paso Is for YOU Or for You and One Guest with Shared Materials

Get Started on Setting Up Your Very Own Freight Brokerage. Start Getting Customers Within 30 Days or Less. Learn What It Takes to Start, Maintain and Succeed in Your Very Own Business. Get In Now On This Gigantic & Exciting Industry!

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Act Now and, in Addition to a Complete Operating Manual, Handouts and Video Presentations, Receive These Bonuses Worth Over $1,200…

Atex Freight Broker Training Live in El Paso
  • A 4-Page Broker-Carrier Agreement for Your Use

  • A Sample Business Plan for a Freight Broker Business

  • Load Manager spreadsheets to manage each load

  • Shipper and Carrier database templates

  • eBook, “The Definitive Guide to Growing Your Freight Broker Business Using Freight Agents”

  • eBook, “Insider Secrets to Successful Freight Brokering”

Act Quickly! Don’t Delay! Each workshop is limited – Email or call first for more information: 1-888-526-ATEX (2839) – talk to John.


Any man, woman or younger person who has a burning desire to start their own business. Prior formal education or experience is NOT required. This could include truck drivers, transportation workers, logistics personnel, stay-at-home moms, recent college or high school graduates, retired or semi-retired or anyone who desires to be independent business owners.


Here Are Some General Topics That Will Guide Our Instruction:

  • Getting Organized & Getting Your Broker Authority

  • Essential Tools of the Trade

  • Finding & Working with Shippers

  • Working with Carriers

  • Financial, Business, Credit & Legal Issues

Here are some detailed topics:

  • How to set up a corporation or sole proprietorship

  • How to uncover shippers who aren’t being called by every freight broker in the country

  • How to take the order from the customer

  • How to give a quote and turn it into an order

  • Secrets of working with confirmations

  • What to do when the load is delivered

  • How to select and work with a factor

  • Key elements to monitor that will keep you on track

  • How to incorporate without using an attorney

  • What to do when the load is delivered

  • What are the “insurance” requirements for freight brokers

  • How to effectively use the loading boards

  • How to pre-qualify your motor carriers

  • How to negotiate a win-win-win situation

  • How to monitor your loads for maximum profit

  • Working smart when covering a load

  • Three essential instructions to give to your motor carrier

  • The importance of establishing good credit-worthiness

  • Managing your cash flow

  • How to set-up your shipper and carrier databases

Click Here For More Detailed Information on the Live Training


Your workshop will be conducted by John D. Thomas, CPA and President of Atex Freight Broker Training, Inc. John has nearly 15 years’ experience with his freight broker training. He is a Certified Public Accountant by profession with over 25 years’ experience with small business start-ups. His strength is in helping people get properly organized with a step-by-step blueprint and with creative customer acquisition strategies.

There are three primary reasons new freight brokers fail in addition to lack of money:

  • An unwillingness to rely upon a mentor,

  • Lack of using sound business fundamentals,

  • Not knowing how to effectively acquire customers and select motor carriers.

John has proven expertise in each of these areas.

The entire program is based upon John’s previous freight broker business, on his 15 years of freight broker training and the many years working with small business start-ups in other industries.

Register Now With Your $1,800 Deposit or Full Payment. We use a “First Come, First-Served” Policy.

Remember – Live Training Here in El Paso Is for YOU Or for You and Your Guest with shared materials


Register for the telephone and Internet training. Go here for more information:

Freight Broker Training 1-on-1 Training via Telephone & Internet

Note: Starting September 2017, the cost for Telephone and Online training may increase. The cost for Live training outside of the third week of Sept, Jan, Mar and May is higher.