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It’s Done!

It’s Done! (at Least for Now)

Here’s what happened …

… I got my eBook compiler working again after thinking it was corrupted.

Why is this a big deal?

I use my eBook compiler to organize information in my freight broker training manual that you folks access during training and now I can edit it anytime I want. It’s done for now and I’m able to continuously update and revise the content.

So, this means there’s something in it for you too.

I just now was able to add some content and here’s some of the content I’m adding …

I want to know what might be the potential scenarios ten to fifty years from now in trucking, logistics and the supply chains (as well as what other scenarios we can expect in our geopolitical world).

We can look at these specific industries. And, we can also take a look from a macro perspective: i.e., population and age changes in the U.S. and the world (demographics), comparative currency valuations, financial markets, monetary and fiscal policies from our governmental leaders, potential pandemics that may be “real” or possibly falsely generated, geopolitical power struggles, etc., etc., etc.

Based upon my research thus far, it’s mind-boggling. Some of it is exciting – some of it is downright scary.

Do you know how disruptive it was when our world went from wood and stone to steel and concrete? That’s what happened as the world went into an era of industrialization. Total disruption – for good (mostly) but also with a whole lot of pain.

Many, many books have gone into excruciating detail on the development of this phase.

Now we have entered an era that may be more disruptive – “trustless” and “permissionless” transactions.

What do I mean – no one trusts anyone else?

No, it means transactions will be done without a third party involvement or without gaining someone else’s permission. Contracts and transactions will be based upon blockchain technology which is software that completes business and personal deals when certain things take place which are predefined by the parties involved – it’s trustless and permissionless.

It’s coming and it’s here. Keep reading …

Currently, for most transactions when you open a checking or investment account, you HAVE TO provide all sorts of information including your social security number, maybe photos plus more.

You don’t gain permission to stash your money away until and unless you provide the information they need. And then you “trust” them to safeguard your assets.

When banks and others require your personal information they say it’s for your protection. But it may also be used to monitor your behavior to the point of even manipulating it (think artificial intelligence – AI). Not good from where I come from.

The current administration has indicated a desire to monitor everyone’s bank account, looking at transactions of six hundred dollars or more. Again, not good from where I come from.

During the truckers’ protest in Canada earlier this year, their government actually shut down truckers’ bank accounts.

Is it coming here?

So it’s easy to focus on the bad side of new technology but I haven’t even mentioned the fact that millions of workers will be displaced by artificial intelligence in the not-too-distant future.

So, what are YOU going to do about all of this? Run, hide, ignore or learn?

One well-known commentator stated that the American people are so ignorant because they will complain about things without making any effort to learn what’s going on or what’s coming.

Knowledge is powerful. Knowing is being able to react to avoid bad stuff. It’s not easy to spend time learning but what IS easy?

We’ve had more than several decades of VERY good times (for the most part) and things are changing.

How will you react?

For me? I’ll continue to study history, current times and ponder what the future holds. I hope my effort will help YOU (as well as myself) gain a better understanding of our world.

Forrest Gump had it right about his box of chocolates.

And, don’t worry, you’ll STILL get the nuts and bolts of how to start and successfully operate a freight brokerage.

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