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Identify Your Biggest Obstacle

Can You Identify Your Biggest Obstacle?

Your biggest obstacle in getting started may be preventing you from succeeding in your own freight broker business.

Many people will place the blame on lack of money or lack of time or they just don’t know where and how to get started.

These are delay excuses – every one of them.

It’s a matter of priorities.

You would be surprised at how fast people can come up with money IF they really want to. Lack of time? There are business executives that manage large corporations and they even make time to exercise and socialize. Where and how to get started? It’s a matter of talking to the right people.

All of the above excuses fall flat on their face.

There are thousands of brokers right now making very good money. They are living their dream. They are not special. No one took them aside in a closed room and gave them all the secrets to freight broker success.

Do you know what they did?

They took action. They may not have had a crystal clear understanding of every facet of brokering; but they found a direction and took off.

The brokerage business is made up of financial, marketing, operations, planning, and perhaps personnel.
Before I got into brokering, I floundered around, seeking answers on how to deal with these five aspects of brokering.

I didn’t have a lot of help – this was about 20 years ago. But I took action. And then I documented everything I did. This became the basis for my training manual.

I packaged it and it’s now available for you. You don’t need to flounder around like I did.

I’ve trained over 800 individuals from all parts of the country. Many come to El Paso for training; others train over the telephone and Internet.

By giving you detailed, step-by-step instruction on nearly EVERYTHING you need for success, you have no excuse for not taking action.

It’s easy to get started.

For live training in El Paso or Hobbs, you’ll look at your calendar; select the two and one-half days that suit you. You’ll call me and I’ll check my schedule. I’ll then secure a meeting room after processing a deposit about a week before the first day of training.

For the telephone and online training, we can get started in about 2-3 days after processing your order. We’ll hit it hard for the first 2-3 days and then try and wrap it up over the next week or so.

You have unlimited support with these two training options.

There are few REAL businesses where you can get started with relatively little money compared to the potential amount of income you’ll be making.

Are you ready to start? Or do you want to continue procrastinating with excuses? There may be exceptions to all this. But …

It’s up to you. You could be getting loads in about 30 days if you take action now. I’ll show you how.

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