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Grow Your Freight Broker Business Using Freight Agents

How’d You Like to Make $30 Million a Year?

First, let me say that I normally don’t push how much money you can make as a freight broker. It’s just not my way even though the upside is almost unlimited.
More often than not, I think too small.

Yes, you CAN make $30 million a year – after paying the truck – but before paying agent commissions. And, I believe there might be one or two who are reading this right now who WANT and CAN and WILL make it happen.

So, allow me to open this door …

First, I’m going to throw some numbers at you. HOWEVER, if you believe them, you’re not very smart. I want you to focus on a very rough strategy NOT the accuracy of the figures.

After I throw some numbers around, I’ll give you a link to a resource that just might get you started.

Yes, as you begin, you can and should start with doing free searches both for shippers and carriers. But, you may have to get a good subscription or service to help when you want to ramp things up.

Now, to get your $30 mil a year means you’ll need agents – GOOD agents. Each agent should do about a million dollars a year, gross – maybe more, maybe less. So, if you are getting a ten percent margin, you’ll need shippers to give you $300 mil per year.

Wow! Does this mean you’ll need about 300 agents? Probably.

Here’s the bummer – to get about 300 good agents, you may have to go through about a thousand agents just to capture the good ones. Cmon, most of them will be flukes. Be realistic.

Getting scared? Not if you’re thinking big.

To keep good agents, however, I’m thinking you may need to give them a VERY handsome cut of the profit – like 80%-90% (but not starting out). Getting more scared? Someday I’ll go into more detail on this.

Now, for all of this effort plus paying for admin staff, office, communications, etc., etc., you may end up with about a million dollars or so out of the $30 million.

Would this be worth your while? Of course, if you really know how to run an operation this size, you could be doing two or three million after all was said and done. Does this sound attractive to you?

Stuff like this is being done almost every day. Why not you?

The nice thing about brokering, however, is that you select your goal no matter how much or how small. Whatever it is, this is YOUR empire and it’s something you can be proud of.

I’ve got an eBook – I wrote it several years ago. I don’t think you’ll find another resource like it anywhere. It’s called “The Definitive Guide to Growing Your Freight Broker Business Using Freight Agents”.

I usually sell this for $39 but, you know what? I’m just going to give it to anyone who may be headed toward their $30 million. No, I’m not feeling benevolent – I’m giving it away because it needs to be updated and I just keep kicking the can down the road.

MOST OF IT, however, is good stuff. But, instead of using spreadsheets like I mention, just get some broker-agent or TMS software. Tracking 50 agents would be a chore on a spreadsheet let alone 300.

Here’s where to get this free resource – download it immediately:
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The Definitive Guide to Growing Your Freight Broker Business

One last thing – finally! A few freight brokers will send agents to me for training. They don’t have time. You might consider this yourself. My agent training is the same as my major stuff minus the backroom chores which an agent doesn’t need.

An agent needs to know how to get loads, how to find trucks and manage the entire process from prospecting for shippers to ensuring the load gets delivered.

I don’t train agents unless they have a broker to work under. Many brokers simply don’t want agents – that is, unless they are shooting for $30 million or so.

The end – listen, besides my occasional wise cracks and/or lousy jokes, I’m dead serious about you making this kind of money and more. I’d LOVE to help get you started.

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