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How to Sell As a Freight Broker

I read a story the other day about the Fuller Brush salesmen that used to go door-to-door many years ago, selling brushes and other household items. I don’t recall any of them coming to our house. But back some years ago, it was a popular method of selling. Here’s how these Fuller Brush salesmen did their thing…..

These salesmen were taught to ring the door bell at each house and then take a step back. Why? They did not want to “get in the face” of the person opening the door – especially the lady of the house which was usually the case.

It was done out of pure respect for their potential customer because other door-to-door salesmen were taught to ring the door bell, offer a brochure to the lady and then stick their foot quickly inside the door to prevent the potential customer from closing or slamming the door shut on them.

But, many people perked up when they heard the caller say “Fuller Brush Man”.

A number of famous people became Fuller Brush salesmen including Billy Graham, Jack Nicholson, Dick Clark, PeeWee Herman and others.

The Fuller Brush salesman had to deliver a nice pitch to attract and keep attention. It was usually a quick story on something new, interesting or valuable. I suppose many women of the house may have been receptive to hearing of something new, interesting or valuable.

After all, TVs were rare years ago and you can bet your sweet bippie she was not on FaceBook when he came calling. So, she listened.

The salesmen had already been armed with attractive and colorful brochures and he illustrated all the benefits of owning some or several of his products. He focused on the benefits, not the product. He had testimonials to support his presentation.

By coming forward with a low-pressure approach and building a conversation, the salesman earned the right to nicely but boldly ask for the order. After the first order was agreed to, the salesman would often say something like, “You know, this other item goes very well with your purchase. Would you like to add it as well?”

Selling is first of all doing some research – knowing each product and its benefits. Selling is also about starting a conversation – maybe casual at first but directed at learning more about the customer or the neighborhood.

Can you see how this may have been a great sales strategy in those days?

But times have changed. Sometimes when calling on people nowadays they are busy – VERY busy. So, what do you do?

In my freight broker training, most of my clients are very curious about finding, meeting and speaking with potential customers.

Some are looking for some type of script. Scripts, in my opinion, may never be delivered with the credibility and authenticity of a conversational approach. But, I may be wrong.

Here’s what we focus on in my training:

We focus on customer needs – what they may be expecting and what YOU as a freight broker may expect from them. Putting this all together is usually not done with one conversation, or two or maybe even three.

There is so much to be said about this industry and how to approach and work with not only shippers, growers, wholesalers, etc., but with truck drivers and dispatchers too.

It’s a fascinating business and no matter how shy you are of presenting yourself to complete strangers over the phone, my guess is that you’ll learn to absolutely love it!

You’ll jump out of bed every day, ready to shake things up and make things happen (hopefully putting money in your bank).

You need not go door-to-door looking for customers (however, this IS an option) but keep this in mind: no matter how badly you want the sale, your customers’ needs come first.

Join us for some comprehensive and detailed training and we can continue this discussion.

I want you to check out the several training options. Live training in El Paso, Texas is powerful but equally potent is the training done over the telephone and Internet.

Then there’s also the Home Study and even the Platinum.

Here’s a wrap up on the several different options:

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