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How to Implement a System

How to Implement a System

As a new freight broker, you’ll spend a lot of time calling on potential customers. At some point, you’ll run across a shipper who needs a truck right away. Great! But make sure you have a “system” that leads to taking action.

So what do I mean – a “system”?

Your “system” will give you the step-by-step process for one load – and what if you are working on 3 or 4 loads at the same time – and you’re working alone, you didn’t have time to floss your teeth before opening your office, you have to go to the bathroom REAL BAD – what do you do? Well, woe is you until you get better organized.

If you are new to all this you may try to figure all this out in your head BEFORE taking action.

But here’s the secret – don’t wait until you have it ALL in your head. The best way to implement your “system” is to get some loads, figure what you want to offer the truck, post the loads on the load boards, start doing a search in your data base and GO FOR IT with whatever knowledge you have at the moment. Take action!

You have to be vulnerable to coming across as a “beginner” or even “dumb”. You may even want to apologize to others as you work your loads. Don’t EVER apologize!

Take that “I’m sorry, I’m new” crap out of your vocabulary!!!

EVERYBODY was a “dumb” beginner at some point starting out.Those you deal with will know you’re a beginner the moment you open your mouth. They’ve been doing this for years and don’t worry – most of them will be patient with you.

(Enough of this rant).

It’s tough starting out, trying to get your business off the ground. After you have spent some time getting your initial few loads, you have to then come up with a truck – or maybe a few.

Can you find trucks when you want them, where you want them and on terms that are suitable to both of you? Closing the deal is going to be the real challenge for new brokers until your “system” leads you smoothly along the way.

That’s why you have to have in place your “system” however simple and incomplete it may be in the beginning.

Brokers who have a basic understanding of what to do, how to do it and when to do it but fail to take action are going to lose. And this would be a shame.

I can’t tell you how important it is to call me and get further clarification on all of this. Just last week a caller mentioned about being able to work off her kitchen table that I mentioned in a previous email.

Now she’s taking action along with several others. Action, action, action. Go for it! Don’t pay a lot of attention to much of the negativity that, most likely, will never happen.

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