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How Much Trucking Do You Need to Know?

How Much Trucking Do You Need to Know?

Many individuals interested in becoming a freight broker think they have to come from a trucking background or be very familiar with trucking. This is not necessarily true.

Knowing a lot about trucking won’t hurt – but it’s not a requirement for brokering. Let me tell you why?

As a freight broker you are the middle man. You get information from the shipper and give it to the carrier. The important thing for you as a broker is to capture info from the shipper accurately and quickly and transfer it to the carrier the same way.

One of the biggest problem in brokering, as far as I’m concerned, is lack of good communication.

If your customer wants a reefer with a blower fan inside and groves on the trailer floor then you had better make sure that’s what you are getting. If you get the message wrong, you’ll lose out.

If you have questions after taking the order from the shipper, call them back for clarification. If you have to call them back three times – do it. A few might think you’re “dumb” – most will be pleased that you’re wanting to get it right. And that’s a big PLUS for both of you.

In addition to good communications, here’s another requirement:

It could be that the most important part of working as a freight broker is to know how to run a small (or large) business.

Individuals who know how to manage cash flows, create effective marketing strategies, increase customer acquisitions and carrier retention, set up operations properly and taking time to make plans are much more likely to succeed than those who don’t know these basic business fundamentals.

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