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Horse Racing and Business Success

Horse Racing and Business Success

Here’s what I’m sure of – some horses run faster than others!! Astounding, isn’t it?

This means that other horses run slower than others.

Further, some horses that run faster than others do so consistently. And, again, this means that other horses consistently run slower.

Now, if certain progressives get involved, they would say, We have to have EQUITY. We can’t have some horses running faster than others. It’s not fair. They ALL have to have the same outcome. They ALL have to be winners and the government now has to get involved to ensure that they ALL come in first place.

Can this be done?

I suppose if you staggered the starting lines and put the consistently slower horses further up front and the consistently faster horses further back – we MAY have a solution here.

By now, you may have a glimpse of where this is going. Many progressives don’t want winners in real life and in business. Those that excel must be penalized and those that don’t excel must be given special help. They ALL need to have the same outcome.

Well folks, this goes against the grain of human nature (and horse nature too).

There will ALWAYS be inequity.

There will ALWAYS be some that reap the benefits of success and others will be left to fend for themselves and, hopefully, make some changes in their predicament.

There is nothing like human ingenuity to get on the right track. You might enjoy the comments in this link below. The truth behind your success may be found …

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