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Get to Know Atex Freight Broker Training Better

Get to Know Atex Freight Broker Training Better

On our website, you can easily drill down to scan topics and then open up those that might be of interest to you.

For example, there are header tabs at the top such as Training Options, Resources, Veteran Discount, Testimonials, Certificates/Authority and Contact/About.

Let’s look at them as we display them, starting with Contact/About John:

  • Contact/About John – this reveals how I got started and my contact info,
  • Certificates/Authority – this shows certificates that backup my education and prior brokerage ownership,
  • Testimonials – REAL comments from REAL, previous clients (a partial list),
  • Veteran Discounts – as a Veteran myself, I have several good discounts available,
  • Resources – now here is where you can sink your teeth into some good content in a variety of formats, and
  • Training Options – most people train Live in El Paso. They come from all over the country. Fewer train over the telephone and Internet. They train from the U.S., Canada, Iraq, Kuwait, Okinawa, the Phillipines. Then a smaller number trains with the Home Study.

Explore the tabs on my website and let me know if you have questions OR if you are ready to get started. Keep this page open, then click below to explore each tab.

(And, yes, well over 800 people have come on board and trained with Atex Freight Broker Training Inc. Even if just 20% performed well, how many millions have I helped pump into their coffers?)

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