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Freight Broker Liability
Your Growing Freight Brokerage

As your freight brokerage grows, your market share increases, your customer and carrier databases increase, and hopefully, your net worth increases as well as your cash flow.

But there is something else that happens. Your exposure to liability increases as well.

Do you know how to deal with this? Do you know how to proactively avoid, or at least lessen, your exposure to law suits and claims against you?

Normally, a freight broker is not liable for damage or loss in the case of cargo. This especially holds true if the broker is not negligent in carrying out its duties. Personal injury may be a different situation.

A relatively recent legislative act has drawn attention to freight brokers and their potential liability related to the selection process in hiring carriers, to encouraging carriers to violate carrier laws (aiding and abetting) and to being “vicariously” liable all of which I will attempt to explain in my comprehensive freight broker training.

In our training, we also provide handouts that, when properly prepared, will give notice to the different team players you’ll be working with. The days of taking freight brokers out of the scope of plaintiff’s bar may not be over for some time.

But with proper knowledge and preparation, freight brokers can avoid, and even overcome, any claims that may be presented.

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