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Atex Broker Agent Training

Freight Agent Frequently Asked Questions

Working as an Agent in the Transportation Industry

What Do Freight Agents (Broker Agents) Do?

Agents seek shippers who have cargo to move and find trucks to move that cargo. Agents dispatch trucks for pick up and monitor the load until receiving notice from the carrier that the load has been delivered. Freight agents deal with most if not all of the issues arising out of work with shippers, carriers and, perhaps, receivers to a small extent. Freight agents work as independent contractors with their principle, the broker.

How Is a Freight Agent Different from a Freight Broker?

A freight agent does not have to get his or her own broker authority to work in the brokerage industry. Agents work under the authority of a freight broker who does have their authority.

Is It Better to Start as an Agent in This Business?

Some say it’s better to start as an agent and learn the business before jumping out on their own. This may be true for some; for others, it’s better to get set up in their own brokerage right from the start. Why?. As an agent, it’s too easy to enter this business with a “I’ll give it a try and see what happen” attitude. This type of attitude usually always ends in failure. Every venture should be started with a positive, “I CAN do it” mentality. This “I can” attitude holds true regardless of whether one is starting as a broker or an agent.

When SHOULD a Person Start as an Agent?

There may be several situations when a person SHOULD start as an agent. A person should consider starting as an agent if, One, they can’t afford the cost of the broker authority; Two, they don’t have the skills or confidence to properly manage cash – for example, invoicing customers and paying trucks; Three, they don’t want responsibility for all the “backroom” paper work – they just want to get out there and find loads and trucks; Four, their credit is not good which may prevent them from getting a line of credit; Five, they just prefer to work under a broker

Process your full payment here below for comprehensive Broker Agent training. Get a $200 discount now. After training, work for Atex Freight Brokers, Inc. under our authority. You will need a PC computer.The training manual will not work on MACs.

A link for your training manual, handouts and videos will be emailed promptly after processing your order.

There are no refunds for materials or training.There may be up to a $25 surcharge for Canadian based credit card payments

What Would I Be Doing As a Freight Agent?

An agent will go out there and find customers with loads, then find trucks to move the cargo, then manage the load from dispatch to delivery.

You Mean, I Would Not Expect the Freight Broker to Give Me Loads and Trucks?

Very few freight brokers want to give loads and trucks to agents to work with. Why? The freight broker wants the agent to go out there and get NEW business – shippers and carriers.

So I’m Helping the Freight Broker Build His or Her Own Business ?

To some extent, Yes. Some brokers, however, will let you take your customers and carriers with you if you should leave; some will have a time delay before you can do that. Every broker is different and you need to understand what the broker requires and make sure that YOUR needs fit within the broker’s needs.

Do You GUARANTEE Placement After Freight Agent Training?

It’s not a “hands down” guarantee. Each person will complete a simple application, a simple Letter of Understanding and the form W-9. If something comes to light that might adversely affect our working together, Atex has the right to refuse placing a person even after the person completes agent training. To be honest, I don’t anticipate having problems placing anyone as a broker agent. Nevertheless, Atex has the right to refuse placing anyone for any reason. Of course, negligence in the agent’s obligation of their duties and responsibilities or acting outside the scope of the principle-agent relationship may be cause for immediate termination of the broker-agent relationship.

What Kind of a Commitment Will a Broker Expect of Me ?

Most brokers would like agents to stay indefinitely. After all, the broker does invest time and effort in preparing the agent to work closely together and it may be a waste of time working someone who just wants to “give it a try”.

Can I Forsee a Path to a Career Working as an Agent ?

Smart brokers will have incentives for agents who meet certain standards and benchmarks. Smart brokers will have bonuses for certain occasions or for above average performance. Don’t expect incentives or bonuses to be given unless you achieve results the broker is seeking.

I’m a Hard Worker. Can I Find a Broker Who Is Willing to Take Me Under Their Wing if I Work for Little or Nothing Starting Out?

This is not likely to happen. Most brokers work very hard for their success and they are not about to give away their “secrets” and spend time and effort with a new agent only to see that agent leave and start their own venture or pass on those secrets to others.

Is It True That I Can Work Under Atex Freight Broker’s Authority Without Any Experience or a Following?

Yes, it’s true. But each agent must take Atex’s broker agent training (exceptions may apply for those with proven experience).

What’s the Cost for Atex’s Freight Agent Training?

Currently, there is a $200 discount. After the discount, the cost is $1,095. The discount is temporary. At some point, the cost will return to the regular $1,295.

What Makes John’s Training and Program Different?

Atex Freight Brokers, Inc. is one of the very few brokerages that will take you on without your having experience or a following. This is the biggest difference. Further, John will stick with you like no one else. John is not just running a numbers game – he is seeking quality over quantity. Further yet, John has been training brokers and agents for nearly 15 years. His program is second to none.

What Do I Get for Materials?

For the Broker Agent training, you receive a comprehensive and detailed training manual with links and resources. You receive a number of handouts. You receive several videos to help explain some of the handouts. You also receive some training on how a broker functions. This will give you some insight on how better to work as an agent.

Can I Actually Train and Work from Home?

Yes, you can. Working as an agent (or a freight broker) is a perfect home-based opportunity. For training, John will email the materials. We get together for several hours per week and go through the program. After training, the materials for working as an agent are sent.

After Training, Then What?

After freight agent training, Atex will provide all of the forms necessary to get started. These forms only need to be slightly modified with your name and contact information. You receive “set-up” packages already prepared that you will send to each shipper and carrier before doing any business with them.

What Kind of Financial Arrangement Does Atex Offer?

After freight agent training, John offers to place agents as independent contractors. It is a 100% commission opportunity with a 50/50 split on profits after making payment to the truck. Better splits to the agent are available after the agent achieves certain levels of volume and margins.

What Costs Other Than Training Am I Facing?

You will be responsible for your load board cost which may start out at $70 per month. There is no contract with the load board and it can be cancelled at any time. You will also be responsible for regular office expenses – equipment and supplies. There really is not much else in cost.

Can I Work with Any Shipper and Carrier That I Find and Want?

After you find a shipper or carrier who is willing to work with you, you will then provide John with the necessary information so he can do his due diligence. Essentially, each shipper will undergo a credit check and each carrier will at least be checked out with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This approval process is done BEFORE a truck is dispatched for a pick up.

What Am I Responsible For? Will I Have to Pay for Any Cargo Damage or Missing Pieces?

Normally, you are off the hook if the carrier has damaged, rejected or missing pieces. The only way you could be liable is to be negligent in the exercise of your duties and responsibilities. If you act outside the scope of your duties and responsibilities, you could have some problems.

Can You Summarize What the Ideal Agent Would Be Like Working for Atex Freight Brokers, Inc.?

Yes, Atex is seeking individuals who possess the necessary skills AND the drive to achieve a good degree of success. What kind of success? There is no definite dollar figure but, over time, it should be reasonable to expect agents to move three, five, ten or more loads each week on a consistent basis. Three loads a week may not keep an agent happy whereas ten loads a week would be more acceptable. Of course, some agents may be capable of doing 15 or 20 loads or more a week. This, normally, does not happen overnight unless you already have contacts.

Do I Have to Sign a Contract?

No, there is no contract. There is a Letter of Understanding that would be signed and returned. This Letter will clarify how we will work together. Further, you receive a list of duties and responsibilities for both you working as an agent and for the broker and his obligations to you.

How Quickly Will I Get Paid After a Load Is Delivered?

Atex will make payouts two times per month. It may take almost a month to get the first check. Afterwards, checks go out twice a month.

What Kind of Money Can I Expect to Make Starting Out?

This is difficult to answer. To be safe, it’s good to plan on starting slowly. You will need to build relationships and trust AFTER your find shippers and carriers willing to work with you.

How Soon Can I Make a Living Off of This?

Again, difficult to answer. Most likely it will take several years to get established. Maybe not what you want to hear – but it’s the reality of this business. After you get established, it is virtually unlimited in income potential. And you truly can become financially independent.

Process your full payment here below for comprehensive Broker Agent training. Get a $200 discount now. After training, work for Atex Freight Brokers, Inc. under our authority. You will need a PC computer.The training manual will not work on MACs.

A link for your training manual, handouts and videos will be emailed promptly after processing your order.

There are no refunds for materials or training.There may be up to a $25 surcharge for Canadian based credit card payments

If you have any questions, please call us at 915-400-4732 or send us an email to