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Finding Loads – An Action-Centric Exercise

Finding Loads – An Action-Centric Exercise

That’s right! Forget the learning curve –

Join Me in This Action-Centric Exercise for getting loads.

Between the hours of 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (with one-hour fifteen minutes for lunch), for ONE day Monday – Friday, YOU will be making outbound phone calls to potential shippers, wholesalers, distributors, growers, etc.

This is with a small group of 5-7 individuals.

Your potential reach? – the entire United States.

• You do NOT need to have your broker or trucking authority to do this.
• You will be provided with several online shipping directories and given several search strategies.
• You will be provided with a list of questions to ask potential shippers – get them talking about THEIR business.
• They love doing that.
• Surprisingly, they won’t ask YOU a lot of questions.

You might be THINKING about becoming a freight broker or even getting into trucking. This exercise will prove to be valuable! This is an exercise in learning to get loads.

There is no magic bullet in finding loads. Instead of asking What is the best way to find loads, the question should be How many different ways are there in finding loads?

Some shippers work only with freight brokers, some may work directly with motor carriers. Some have their own fleet of trucks.

By making these phone calls, you will learn what they need. Don’t worry about not knowing how to begin or respond – I’ll be your in-house resource and backup.

$249 per person


See the Refund Policy and Disclaimer toward the bottom of this page.

We won’t be using Load Boards as they require subscriptions. And, you would not even use load boards anyway if you plan on having your broker authority.

The idea is to work somewhat like a team with others in the room where positive results could be swapped with others in the room. This is an optional feature.

This is a great event to learn the most important part of brokering loads. And it’s a small sum to pay for this opportunity.

For those that follow up with live training WITHIN FOUR MONTHS, you receive a credit for the cost of this program. A little lesser credit will be available for those who desire Zoom training.

There is a limit of only seven individuals and a minimum of five is required. A full refund is available – see Refund Policy below. But you must sign up and register by the deadline which will be announced later. Walk-ins MIGHT BE ACCEPTED depending on available space – cost at the door – $325, cash or check only.

Ready to get loads?

You’ll need your fully charged cell phone and laptop. Some paper and pens will be available as well as a large pot of coffee – and water, of course.

Questions? Call me, John, at 1-915-526-5252 (cell).

Yes! I want to find loads!

$249 per person


Refund Policy:
If you cancel during the three days before the day of class, you will be charged $25. No refunds thereafter EXCEPT – you may receive a full refund if you are present and cancel any time before the lunch break – about 1 pm.

If the required minimum of five has not signed up, you will be refunded 100% one day after the signup deadline.

Disclaimer: I can’t guarantee any type of success but I can guarantee a good, affordable learning opportunity without your having to jump in with comprehensive training.

If you have any questions, please call us at 888-526-ATEX (2839), Or

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