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A Deep Glimpse into Freight Broker Training

People going into business have different outcomes. Some make it; others don’t.

The Small Business Administration says that the reason why most businesses fail is lack of capital; or, they call it “undercapitalized”. I disagree with this.

In my opinion, most businesses fail because they don’t know how to get people “coming in the door”.This also holds true for those who are in freight brokering.

It’s a MARKETING problem. With all the competition, how does one attract enough customers to not only sustain the business but to really become successful?

Here with my broker training, there are some who ask “What is the best way to get customers”? I tell them that there is no one or two right ways to do it. Instead of asking “What is the BEST way to get customers” – ask “How many different ways can I find customers”?

The truth is, there is no magic silver bullet.

Nevertheless, the key is to try and go where no one else is going. We’ll help you on this in our training.

I’ve got another report here that is the closest thing to my actual freight broker training that you will ever find – and it’s at no cost. This report contains a lot of information but it is just a fraction of my comprehensive program.


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Take the Mystery Out of Freight Brokering


Here are the general topics:

  • Getting Organized,
  • Tools of the Trade,
  • How to Find and Work with Customers,
  • How to PreQualify and Work with Motor Carriers,
  • Business, Credit, Financial and Legal Issues,
  • Plus more …