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Atex Broker Agent Pro – Telephone & Internet


Freight Broker Agent Training Via Telephone and Internet

Atex Broker Agent Pro – One-on-one Via Telephone & Internet. Work Under Our Authority, $ 1,095.00 per person

For those who prefer to build their own home based business
by working as an agent for Atex


Powerful search strategies to uncover customers. Go where no one else is going. Build your own customer/carrier bases. This is a 100% commission position. You work from home as an independent agent. You will be responsible for your load board and other, routine office expenses.

Learn how to broker freight in a two to three weeks – act now to get your $200 discount! This program is sent in eBook format and includes a detailed, comprehensive, step-by-step training manual, with handouts and video presentations.

This training focuses on truck brokering in all 48 states

There are no refunds for materials or training. Process your full payment here below. You will need a PC computer; the training manual will not work on MACs.

A link for your training manual, handouts and videos will be emailed promptly after processing your order.

There may be up to a $25 surcharge for Canadian based credit card payments