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How is a Broker Agent Different Than a Freight Broker?

When you work as a broker agent, you normally work under the authority of another freight broker. You don’t need your own authority. Here are some tips …..

Many freight brokers don’t want to work with inexperienced agents. They normally want someone who can hit the road running. They don’t want to train you. They may want you to have a “book of business”. Some want you to be already doing a million dollars a year. They want you to at least have the proper training if you don’t have any experience.

Each freight broker is different in how they recruit and work with agents. Some have contracts and quotas. Others don’t. Some will take your customers if you leave. Others don’t.

One thing that all freight brokers offer is an opportunity to go out there and get loads and find trucks and make some good money in the process. Some agents think they will be getting loads and trucks from the broker. This might be the case for a few brokers.

But the primary reason brokers want agents is for the agent to go out there and take care of business by getting loads, finding trucks and getting the cargo moved from point A to point B.

To be successful as an agent you have to know what you are doing. Brokers want someone with an attitude of confidence, not someone who just wants to give it a try even though starting as an agent will get you acquainted with brokering freight without having the cost of getting their broker authority.

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