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Bitcoin – Looking to the Future

Bitcoin – Looking to the Future

Wait a minute … it’s already here!

I’m talking about Bitcoin and blockchain. These two are connected (Bitcoin is built upon blockchain technology) and they will revolutionize nearly every industry in the world.

Blockchain is technology software – it is very complex but when you understand the basics you’ll appreciate what’s going on.

Bitcoin, like blockchain is software; it’s the investment option for the technology. People have already made millions and billions by getting in early. Bitcoin price is now hovering at around $45,000 per coin; it started out at pennies less than a decade ago.

Can you imagine going from a two-cent investment to $68,900 (the all-time high)? Not too shabby.

In addition to the Bitcoin investment there are thousands of other cryptos or “tokens”. Some are worthless; others are built on innovative technologies that provide helpful solutions to certain problems.

Blockchain technology has some unique features that make it valuable. Sometimes when something is TOO unique it is not accepted – at least not right away. Bitcoin and other tokens are gaining acceptance more and more as people and investors are learning about the revolutionary aspect of these innovations.

Several unique features of blockchain are: it is decentralized with no central control. (Our money and banking system is built around central banks. And they, the government, control your money and its value).

Currently, due to inflation (rising costs), your dollar and cash are losing about 7% per year. If you pay $100 for an appliance today, you’ll pay $107 one year later; you’ll pay ~$115 two years later; you’ll pay ~$123 three years later and so on and so on. Ever think about getting out of cash?

Bitcoin and cryptos may be the best store of value available today – perhaps ever better than gold. But it’s volatile.

Nevertheless, blockchain technology is also safe, secure and immutable. And, Bitcoin and the other tokens are not issued or controlled by the government.

The government is bankrupting America believe it or not. It controls the purse strings of the money supply. It wants to issue its own digital coins called Central Bank Digital Coins (CBDCs) because the government fears blockchain technology and the fact that it is not controlled by the government.

Listen – these topics remain a mystery for many. Until the general public comes to a better understanding of blockchain, Bitcoin, other cryptos and decentralized finance, the public will remain confused.

Here’s something easier to understand, however – blockchain technology is being adopted in logistics.

Take a look at this article:
Yes, I want to learn more about blockchain in logistics! – CLICK HERE

Give me your comments and/or experience with blockchain.

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