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Avoid This Mistake – And Focus on What Works

After training individuals for twenty years and speaking with thousands of others, I get a feel for what’s going on inside the mind of many people.

This experience has provided me with some good insight.

First, many callers, or those that email me, have some general idea about freight brokering. But, some get hung up on one big lurking question: Can I really succeed in brokering? And this question SHOULD be addressed early on.

Just the other day a caller asked me if I could “guarantee” success in this business. My response was, “I’ll guarantee you’ll have all the tools necessary to succeed.”

And, this is the truth.

But here’s where some people get it wrong.

Imagine you are a farmer and you go out to the field and prepare it for planting crops. The day comes, then, when you are ready to plant the seed – corn, soybeans, wheat – whatever.

Now after having planted the seed, do you think the farmer goes out early every morning, fretting and worried sick, wondering if he’ll get a crop?


He knows that he’s going to get a crop – that’s it pure and simple!

It’s really no different in freight brokering. If you start planting seeds (making a lot of phone calls, reaching out to your contacts in trucking), you’re going to get customers. It’s almost a law.

Yet, some callers focus on the fear of not being able to get customers and this fear is baseless.

Instead, freight brokers should get a few successful loads under their belt and then focus on “what they did right”.

One of my all time favorite Internet marketers, Jim Edwards, has recently published a 4 min 14 sec video on “Dissecting Past Failures and Successes – Which Is More Important?”

Jim’s ability to talk about principles that touch just about any type of business is powerful mainly because he can summarize and simplify materials like no one else.

In this video, Jim is talking about “writing sales copy”. You can substitute “writing sales copy” for “starting out as a freight broker”.

I’ll never forget the joy and “shock” I had when one of my 3-month old customers called me and told me he needed a truck. I was shocked because up until then, I had been calling HIM for loads – then, that day it changed – HE called ME!

And it only got better and better thereafter.

Don’t forget that the path to success is not always lined with roses. But, much greater than “positive thinking” is the fact that if you take the right steps you’re gonna make some good money.

The idea is to focus on what works – work on it over and over – and by golly, one day you just might wake up to a multi-million dollar business.

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