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The freight broker industry is a profession. It requires proper preparation. It requires knowledge, an action plan and, last but not least, important skills. Consequently, there is more to it than what people sometimes think.

I tell my clients that freight brokering is knowing what to do, how to do it, when to do it, where to do it and even why their doing it. And it really all begins by knowing what to do. The brightest mind in the world, the strongest man in the universe, the most agile ballet dancer won’t get far in their journey unless they know WHAT to do first and foremost.

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Business owners are in the business of business development. Business development is a process that results in creating systematic ways to do what is important. A systematic way of doing things may be called a blueprint and it provides a step-by-step solution to accomplishing goals.

And the ultimate purpose of a blueprint is for others to follow along and do what needs to be done. Equally important, the business owners expect results. This is the only way companies can get off the ground and grow immensely large.

Well, not all business owners want to grow immensely large. Many are content to just pay the bills or bide their time in a meaningful manner. This is fine. Nevertheless, even the smallest business owner will fail without some type of blueprint to follow.

Without a blueprint, business owners flounder and may end up wasting not only their time and effort but the time and effort of others as well.

The business development process requires discipline. Half-baked or sloppy approaches will yield similar results. Like the old saying goes, Garbage in, garbage out.

In addition to learning the many technical procedures of brokering freight, a business owner also plays the roles of an entrepreneur and manager. Entrepreneurs are known for their vision. They dream.

Managers create order. “A place for everything and everything in its place”. Managers let their entrepreneurial nature run free but the manager side prepares for the potential downside of things.

It’s a constant strain between being a technician, being an entrepreneur and being a manager. Nevertheless, they need each other to survive and to grow.

So, each business owner has this internal struggle, and, according to business experts, the technician side of most business owners dominates the entrepreneurial or manager side. Technicians are doers and they will jump in regardless of a well-thought-out vision or regardless of getting properly organized.

Just like the Nike slogan, “Just Do It”, technicians are off and running because they possess enough of the procedural knowledge and at least some of the required skill sets to get them started.

The eBook here will provide some great insight into some of these required skills. This is a good start. Yet, there are many more details and procedures that can only be learned with actual experience or comprehensive training.

There may be one or several skill sets that make some potential freight brokers nervous. This is normal. The right thing to do in these cases is to admit your areas that need attention and don’t run from them.

For example, when speaking with potential customers, a person may not know how to start the conversation. There are several strategies to use but, for sure, YOU will be the one asking most of the questions and, in our training, we provide a list of questions to get you started.

Negotiations are another area that may spark some fear. To be honest, it may take some time to develop this skill unless you already have some experience here. There is MUCH to be said about rate negotiations but, again, take action, be proactive and don’t get overly concerned about your having to try and “win” a negotiation.

The skill that many may think they know well is cash management. But, when you get so busy and are dealing with an increasing work load every day, you have to be on your “A” game as you make money commitments that have far-reaching impact.

Get started now with building your skills and areas of proficiency.

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Best wishes to your success,


John D. Thomas
Atex Freight Broker Training, Inc.
El Paso, TX 79902

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