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Why you should choose our bookkeeping service

Why You Should Choose Our Bookkeeping Service Over Anyone Else

Here is the big reason why you need our service over other’s: you may choose to opt in for the Atex Financial Statement Studies program.

Once we have at least ten clients that want to know how they compare to others – on the profit and loss statement as well as the balance sheet – we’ll provide that comparison. Further, we’ll provide a comparison to thousands of others across the U.S. Those who are in the same business with a similar NAICS number.

We’ll provide an aggregate comparison to others in the group. No one will see your specific information and you won’t see any one else’s specific information.

Why is knowing where you stand compared to others important?

It may not be important for some. But others may be thinking about exiting the business and passing it on or selling it to someone else. After all, the average age of an owner operator is said to be 54 years. You may, and they certainly are, looking at getting ready for retirement.

Comparative analysis may be very important and helpful. And I’ve got other strategies on how to pass on a business to family members especially. There’s more to it than just dollars and cents.

Another reason to join us? Simply put – we’re focused on trucking.

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