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Which Is More Important to You?

Which Is More Important to You?

There are two aspects to learning a new skill, trade or business:

(1) There’s the “knowledge base” that comprises mostly of how-to information; then
(2) There’s the “application” aspect where you apply what you have learned.

Both are important and essential. To succeed, you must master both sides.

My freight broker training is primarily working on the “knowledge base”. You are instructed on what to do and how to do it. There are a lot of details and procedures and they need to be done in the proper sequence or else you mess it up.

For my live training in El Paso, Texas, IF we have time during the third day, we make actual phone calls to potential customers. I’ve had more than a couple of clients leave training with having spoken with one or several soon-to-be customers.

Keep in mind that before you do the “hands-on” stuff, you need to know what you’re doing. Some clients are anxious to do the hands-on stuff and they want to skim through the badly needed preparation.

But it works out eventually as they get back home and apply their new-found knowledge.

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It may contain just the perfect information you need to get started with a New Year approaching.

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