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introduction to freight brokering

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– 7 Part Video Series –
How to Start & Succeed
in Your Own Freight Broker Business

Part 1 of 7 Introduction: Train with someone with 15 years training experience based upon his actual freight broker business.

Part 2 of 7 Imagine for a moment you are brokering freight. What benefits can you expect?

Part 3 of 7 Learn more about your training options and comprehensive materials.

Part 4 of 7 We’ll do the applications together for your authority – then we get into all the other details.

Part 5 of 7 More detail on your training options: live in El Paso, telephone & Internet, home study.

Part 6 of 7 Look at your bonuses here! You’ll modify some of them for use in your business.

Part 7 of 7 If you plan on getting training, here are six necessary questions you need to ask.