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Permian Road Safety Coalition

What’s the Most Important Thing That Truck Drivers Face?

The reality? Safety is the most important aspect of driving trucks! Staying alive is the goal; safety is the means to achieving this goal.

The Permian Road Safety Coalition hosts a number of events, meetings and educational opportunities. Everyone gets involved: drivers, motor carrier owners, DOT personnel, State Police, Educators and anyone interested in road safety.

The coalition is based in Midland, Texas with Ellen K Ramsey serving as Executive Director. She brings a long list of volunteer and organizational experience.

You can read more about the coalition’s programs on their website:

The coalition holds meetings/luncheons in different cities around the Permian Basin.

If you drive a truck in the Permian Basin make someone close to you happy today by joining the coalition. Today, as this is being written, officers from the New Mexico State Police will conduct mock inspections.

These events are a great place to get out and meet some great people.

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