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introduction to freight brokering

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I Know Exactly What I’d Do …

When I see the Fall season approaching, I think of Spring. Why?

Spring is when produce really starts moving. The Fall season is the time to start getting reefers on board.

This takes time.

Then, when Spring arrives, you can tell growers something like – “Yes, I’ve got three reefers in the area.
They’re empty and ready to roll”.

With all my clients, my first task is to talk in general. I want to know where they are coming from and where
they’d like to go.

Then, we embark on putting a road map together as we dig into the details of how to successfully and effectively broker freight.

Like I said above, I know exactly what I’d do if I were working a brokerage in the Fall season.

Come on board now and let’s get started.

Train one of several ways:
1. Live in El Paso, Texas
2. Via Telephone & Internet
3. Home Study and more recently …
4. the 3-Month Payment Plan

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