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Mini Operational Audit – Practical Ways I Can Help

Mini Operational Audit – Practical Ways I Can Help

Just recently I spoke with a trucking company owner at a sport’s bar – he has 5 trucks with drivers and he is doing the dispatching and running the show. He also is capable of doing his own mechanical repairs which always can save a bundle IF you have the skills.

His story was very interesting as he is running reefers and doing a lot of work around Loredo, San Antonio and El Paso. He appeared to be very savvy on working with the right brokers and moving his trucks around in profitable ways.

He never takes cheap rates as he knows this can run him into the ground. Anyway …

He told me about his friend with 10 trucks who just recently threw in the towel. I don’t know the details but it’s very possible that IF his friend had gotten properly prepared, he could still be working his business.

It’s true, freight availability and rates are lousy. And sometimes you gotta throw in the towel – but other times you can prevail if you make that determination in the beginning. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

It’s a matter of purposefully deciding that you are going to win at this game – and you CAN! Many are doing it – why not you?

To begin helping truckers in a practical way, I’ve got a mini audit that touches on financials and some operations. It’s FREE and may take 1-2 hours to complete.

Listen, I’ve been analyzing company financials for MANY years. And, if you’re just starting out, get ready to record income and expenses so you can eventually start to see patterns and trends.

If you have an accountant, great. They’ll do your financials. However, financials involve taking a “historical” look of what has already happened.

I’ve got a powerful tool that uses this historical financial information AND you can use this tool to motivate drivers and others for future performance and greater profitability.

It’s a little known tool that provides powerful information. It’s real, not a gimmick.

Now trucking company owners should also learn and use some of the KPI’s that will help guide operations. KPI’s are “key productivity indicators”. All the big companies have their own – why not you? Again, if you have an accountant to help on this, that’s great.

However, if you don’t yet have an accountant click the link below to see how I can help. It’s FREE.

>>> Click here to learn how to get started with a mini audit <<<

If I can help you further after this mini audit, I’ll let you know; if not, then happy trucking!

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