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The world turns, things happen, it’s never-ending. What am I talking about? I’m talking about manufacturing, freight, transportation and freight brokering.

They ain’t gonna stop.

In fact, it’s only getting bigger and better. manufacturers, distributors, transportation companies are expanding their operations in ways that are mind-boggling.

You know, you have probably read about the Erie Canal when you were a kid. That was quite an undertaking in itself.

The canal transformed America in many ways. It made New York city what it is today. It opened up a corridor to and from the West. It launched a consumer society. It sparked an interest in tourism. This development had a profound impact on our country.

Nowadays, we’re talking about a GLOBAL undertaking although things are changing here. But the reopening of the Panama Canal expansion has brought tons of more cargo to the U.S.

The Port of Miami has opened their new tunnel that redirects truck traffic to I-95 via I-395 much faster and less costly.

Logistics parks all around the country are becoming hubs for moving cargo. Cities and areas like Columbus, OH, Eastern Pennsylvania, Greenville-Spartanburg, SC, Chattanooga, the L.A. basin, Louisville, New Jersey, Oklahoma City, Savannah among others are all ramping up for future growth.

In the L.A. basin, nearly 25% of jobs created since 2011 have been in logistics. The Eastern Seaboard has become one of the world’s largest logistics market.

So, are YOU getting ready for some of this? Are you ready to step in front of the billions of dollars changing hands and take some for yourself?

If not, why not? It cost the Port of Miami about $670 million for their project. You can get started here on your broker authority for a mere $1,400. Such a deal!

Here’s an action plan to help you on your way:

1. Review my website and materials,

2. Look at your calendar to start training; then call me to check my calendar,

3. Or, call or email me with any questions,

4. Once your authority is in place (about 30 days), start making a list of carriers to call,

5. At the same time, start making a list of shippers to call,

6. If you plan on moving produce, you will need a battery of carriers to use (it will take time to do this – the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll beat out your competition),

7. Experiment with 3-4 different strategies we teach you to find receptive shippers,

8. Increase you knowledge of laws that are affecting carriers and you as well; CSA2010, MAP21, FAST Act,

9. Rinse and repeat, over and over and over.

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