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I was shocked!

I Was Shocked! … but Shouldn’t Have Been!

For nearly twenty years, I’ve been training individuals to become freight brokers. I’ve spent THOUSANDS of hours preparing the materials, handouts and videos – THOUSANDS!

And I’ve loved every minute doing this – the truth be told.

However, to the point, some people think that they’ll hit the road running right after formal training is complete.

For some – could be …

For others? Not so fast. There’s a lot of work in preparation BEFORE your pockets start to jingle.

Case in point – I’m revamping my training session called “Tool of the Trade” and, in particular, how to select and use Load Boards.

After going through several websites that offer load board services, my head started spinning from all the twists and turns they offer.

I’m asking myself, “What’s a person supposed to do – throw a dart”?

Well, there are videos that are supposed to help explain things; but, try this out yourself – check several of them but try to understand them with the speaker speaking in such rapid fashion. Good luck.

Now offering a lot of options is sometimes good. But what do you do when at some point the confusion starts to set in?

First, you need to know exactly what you need.

Second, you’ll need to avoid all the bells and whistles – stick with a few basics and avoid the confusion.

Then, even after you’ve selected a basic option, you’ll need time to learn how to perform the required tasks – searching, posting, checking carrier info, etc.

That’s not all.

In addition to learning how to do the basic tasks, there are OTHER features that you’ll need to master. I’m talking about helpful features such as radius searches, dead-head options, desired destinations (how to effectively use this feature), roll-over load options, etc., etc.

All I’m saying is there are upfront demands that may overwhelm you right out of the gate.

Don’t let that happen. Give yourself time.

And, that’s what I’m here for. I’ll help you cut through the mustard.

I’ve gone through the trouble and pain so that YOU don’t have to.

As you are reading this, understand that in just several days, we could be on our way training via the telephone and internet.

My number and email is below. Let’s get started now.

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