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Government Contracting Opportunities for Hotshot Loads

Government Contracting Opportunities for Hotshot Loads

There may be hotshot loads available from governmental sectors – city, state and federal. If this is the case, these organizations will search several databases, using NAICS code numbers. NAICS stands for North American Industry Classification System.

EVERY business type falls within one classification number or often several classifications. Use them all if and when you are seeking government work.

Each hotshot trucking company, of course, needs to register with several governmental agencies to get into the database. Some community colleges have government contracting offices which can assist in all phases of getting a company registered in the system plus provide other helpful information.

Note: there is no specific code for “hotshots” but many hotshots are LTL loads – Less than a Truck Load.

The correct NAICS code for local LTL trucking is 484110 (whereas if it’s long-distance, the code is 484122).

There may be about 20,000 hotshot companies in the U.S. (rough estimate) and it could be true that few of them are registered to work with the government.

Is this something you should pursue? It depends. Generally, the pay is very good; the first payout, however, could take a long time. But once you are in the system and performing well, you may be in for a good ride.

Here’s the website for the El Paso, Texas government contracting office:
>>> El Paso Contract Opportunities Center <<<

Not in El Paso? Search your local area – usually a larger metro area is where you’ll you find these COC’s.

Here’s another resource that’s essential for government contracting:
>>> Online SAM Registration <<<

More often than not, government work is doled out to primary contractors who then seek subcontractors. Some of the work that is doled out by these Primes are set-aside, no-bid contracts.

Your best shot at getting any government work is to build a stellar resume of your work history. They are looking at your work history first and foremost.

Do You Need a Dun & Bradstreet Number?

The Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number is a unique nine-digit identifier for businesses that is associated with a business’s Live Business Identity which may help evaluate potential partners, seek new contracts, apply for loans, and so much more.

You are never required to have a D-U-N-S Number to operate a business. The number itself contains no data or implies nothing about the stability, creditworthiness, or diversity of a business. However, it is a key that can be used to unlock data that helps a business do their due diligence and arrive at their own conclusion about that potential partner’s stability, creditworthiness or compliance with supplier diversity or other standards.

While having a D-U-N-S Number is not a requirement for doing business, having one may help legitimize your business in the eyes of potential partners and is a starting point for building a Dun & Bradstreet Live Business Identity. A company’s live business identity is attached to a business’s credit file and is used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies.

On your URS application (Unified Registration System) for your motor carrier authority, you will be asked if you have a D&B number. Just answer appropriately with a Yes or No.

While it may be beneficial at some point to get your D&B number, it’s not a priority for most trucking companies just starting out unless you plan on seeking government work.

Lastly, if you are anxious to get your hotshot business off and running, leave the government contracting for down the road a little bit later. Build your resume first.

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