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China: Are They Losing Their Manufacturing Base?

China: Are They Losing Their Manufacturing Base?

After all, China is struggling with a recent image problem (to say the least) and many businesses were supposedly planning to reshore operations back to the U.S. and to Mexico.

Well, a recent article in FreightWaves points out that container volumes have actually grown by 11% since late January, 2019 – that’s about four years ago.

The question remains: Is or is not China going to be replaced as the major production center for the United States?

Peter Zeihan in his book, “The End of The World Is Just the Beginning: Mapping the Collapse of Globalization” says that China’s manufacturing output as a percentage of GDP has fallen since 2006.

This is what makes it hard for common-ordinary people: we see two very intelligent sources telling us two different stories. But, don’t give up – it’s good for the brain to consider two opposing views even without committing to either one.

Nevertheless, I determined several decades ago that China was a bad actor in the World and had been taking the U.S. (business leaders, politicians and educators) for a ride – and not a good one at that.

It was only five years ago that I read Michael Pillsbury’s book, “The Hundred-Year Marathon”: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower.” and it confirmed everything I had felt was wrong.

And, then, Clive Hamilton’s book about what’s going on in Australia with the CCP, Chinese Communist Party will freak you out. Australian politicians left and right are taking serious money from the CCP to help reshape Australian culture to sympathize with the Chinese.

Right here in the U.S., the Chinese set up a department at the University of Pennsylvania with now President Joe Biden. They funneled millions – like 14 million dollars into the University. This has happened during Biden’s presidency and the University will not divulge information on these activities but a government committee is gung-ho on trying to learn what is happening.

My opinion: Joe Biden is the most corrupt President the U.S. has ever had. But this is another twist to the Chinese story and I’m trying to follow it.

Time will tell if there really is a shift in supply chains moving away from China. I think Mexico has been reaping some benefits with some sort of a shift.

South Texas businessmen and women have been really ramping up efforts to continue economic growth between the U.S. and Mexico. It’s exciting except for one thing: one particular business group is inviting a Chinese business man to set up some type of battery manufacturing down that way.

This Chinese fellow is currently doing some logistics work on the West coast. I have pleaded through repeated article postings in the Rio Grande Guardian to beware. If he is a “clean” Chinese business man, I’ll eat my hat. The CCP will make a point to get involved.

After all, China has been buying up U.S. farm land, businesses, food companies, real estate, on and on.

I fear that these south Texas businessmen and women are so enthused to initiate business growth that they have little concern for the safety of our technology, blueprints, etc.

Who knows – China might even decide to float a spy balloon over south Texas in addition to using naïve people.

Listen, China has immense internal problems. Their CCP leaders seem to be getting more desperate. Desperate people are dangerous people.

That’s all for today.

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