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California’s Earthquake, Part 2 of 4

California’s Earthquake, Part 2 of 4

In Part 1 of this series, I explained how motor carriers in California that are operating with owner operators – who are and have been independent contractorsmay cease to exist with the implementation of the new California AB5 (Assembly Bill 5) law.

Owner operators and others are asking “Why? Why this radical change in a proven business model that has been accepted by thousands”?

First, let me relate a short story here …

When I was in college (more than several years ago), I was in charge of one wing in a boys’ dormitory to help provide various services and to try and keep a relatively safe and happy environment.

At some point during one semester, I had several students ask me if I knew what was going on with a guy named “Howard”. Up until then, I had not heard about him. Over the next week or so, others were asking about Howard. They were telling me about Howard being a real nut job.

Then one day I met Howard – face-to-face. He was causing a disturbance with some students to the point where I had to call the Campus Police.

The police came and talked to me and Howard. The only way to get Howard removed from the dormitory (he was a visitor, not a resident) was to have him arrested.

So, the cops told Howard to empty his pockets. Howard then blurted out in an elevated voice, “Why”? The police calmly replied, “It’s for your protection, sir”. Howard said “Oh” and immediately complied.

Then the police asked him to face the wall and place one hand behind him. Again, Howard blurted out, “Why? What’s going on?”

Again, the cops replied, “It’s for your protection, sir.”

“Oh, okay”, and Howard did as asked – and I thought, “Wow, how slick!”

Then the police told him “We’re going outside now”. For the third time, Howard blurted out in a more elevated tone, “Why? Where are we going?”

For the third time, the police replied, “Sir, it’s for your protection”. And the two policemen and Howard left the building without a hitch.

You get the picture – a potentially unruly situation was avoided by simply saying, “It’s for your protection.”

Folks, this is so much like what’s going on with California’s legislation, Assembly Bill 5. It’s for the “protection” of a certain segment of society.

Teamsters General President James Hoffa stated, “With this vote [AB5], the California Senate has taken a strong stand with workers who should earn a living wage and have the protections to which they are entitled.”

In the next Part in this series, we’ll take a more expansive look into what proponents say is the rationale for AB5. Protection is one; there are other reasons as well.

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