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Atex Freight Broker Membership Program


Invest $5K to $7K and reap a ten to twenty-fold return (or much, much more). Piggy-back your brokerage on top of your trucking operation and create a juggernaut that will leave your competition in the dust. Just continue doing what you have been doing and penetrate new markets like a tsunami on a roll. Over sixteen years of training experience here and still going strong with over 700 clients already on their way.

Stretch your training and payment over three months. Here is the outline for the entire program:

Part 1 – Month 1
Session 1 – Getting Organized and Getting Your Freight Broker Authority
Session 2 – Essential Tools of the Trade

Part 2 – Month 2
Session 3 – Finding and Working with Shippers
Session 4 – PreQualifying and Working with Motor Carriers

Part 3 – Month 3
Session 5 – Business, Credit, Financial and Legal Issues
Session 6 – Legislation and Other Related Legal Issues

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Your credit/debit card will be automatically billed $697 each month for three months for a total payment of $2,091.

Here is what you get in addition to the material in the six sessions:

  • Industry Resources (you have to keep up with industry events),
  • Glossary of Terms,
  • About 40 Handouts and 20 Videos (most of these you will modify and use them),
  • Templates to prepare the Shipper and Carrier Set-Up packages (these templates are time savers),
  • Load Manager spreadsheets (record and monitor all your load activity – no expensive software required),
  • A 4-page Broker-Carrier Agreement (this is worth $800-$1,000 if you had to go to an attorney),
  • Load Confirmation templates for flat rate, rate per mile, piece rate, 100 cwt,
  • Sample Business Plan (modify it and make it your own),
  • Unlimited support (I’ll stick with you as long as you need me),
  • Plus much more …

Let’s do a review …

Part 1 takes you step-by-step through the process of getting your broker authority. One particular mistake on the DOT# application will cost you $600 at least. I’ll help you avoid that. You will also learn how to calculate and negotiate rates – it’s an art and a science. You will also learn about Load Boards and the different options you have. You may need to set-up “benchmarks” to measure your progress. It’s more than just looking at your bank statement.

Part 2 includes several different strategies to get loads and how to approach shippers. You will also see the templates needed to prepare your shipper set-up package (included in the Handouts). It also includes details on the set-up package for carriers and the steps you must go through to prequalify carriers. It will help you learn how to avoid wrongful carrier selection that has cost some brokers millions of dollars. Learn what a database is and why it’s so important to create your own.

Part 3 has a wealth of information related to extending credit to shippers and you extending credit to carriers. Not only credit but cash management, claims, accounting and record keeping issues are addressed. Plus, you receive fairly comprehensive materials on many legal issues that impact freight brokers, starting with CSA2010 and continuing on with current topics that continue to plague carriers and brokers such as HOS, safety fitness determination, the new food shipping mandate (yes, brokers can become liable), national carrier hiring standards, etc., etc.

We’ll Schedule Training Sessions …

Training sessions are flexible and may last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours at least once a week. I’m available to train during the weekdays including some evenings. You tell me what works best for you – I’ll try to accommodate your schedule.

Your credit/debit card will be automatically billed $697 each month for three months for a total payment of $2,091.

After you subscribe, you’ll receive a “Thank You” page in about 20 minutes if I’m in the office. It will have a link and password to download the training materials for Part 1 which includes Sessions 1 and 2. If I’m not in the office, you’ll be sent the Thank You page immediately upon my return.

Go here below to get started with your first installment:

Your credit/debit card will be automatically billed $697 each month for three months for a total payment of $2,091.

Monthly Subscription Payments Are Processed Automatically …

In about 30 days, your payment for Part 2 will be automatically processed – you will then be sent access to Part 2 materials. Then 30 days later, your payment for Part 3 will be automatically processed – you will then be sent access to Part 3 materials. When you purchase all three Parts, you have unlimited support for the entire program.

If you cancel Part 2 or Part 3 after ordering Part 1 or Part 2, your cost later will increase to $797 per Part to restart. If you cancel any Part, you will have training and support only for the portion(s) you purchased. There are no refunds for materials or training.

Set Up a New Company – I’ll Help …

You will need to form a new company for the freight brokerage. Even if you may have a trucking authority, a new authority for your brokerage is required and you’ll be authorized to broker freight in all 48 states. Get your brokerage company set up now, don’t delay – it may take a week or so before your new company is registered.

Be thinking about a business name and a form of doing business: LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership or whatever. I can help to some extent if you need help on this.

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Your credit/debit card will be automatically billed $697 each month for three months for a total payment of $2,091.

Hey! Here’s a Bonus!

If you value your time and after we complete the formal training for all three Parts, I’ll help complete as much of the shipper and carrier set-up packages that we can, saving you 1 to 3 hours of work.

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If you have any questions, please call me at 888-526-ATEX (2839), Or

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